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Unusual stays

Luxurious accommodations in the world

Vacation Dream: Experience The Most Luxurious Accommodations In The World

Many of us have to stick to a budget when traveling the world, while others have the wherewithal to stay in style in luxurious accommodations. For those of us who cannot afford it, it is good to dream or hit the jackpot with the right lottery numbers. Here, we explore a stay in Gstaad Palace in Switzerland, an entire private island, a luxurious castle or over-water...

Soportujar in winter

Visit Soportujar In Southern Spain And Its Witches In 2024

Readers were recently introduced to two fascinating locations in Spain – one related to Vikings and the other to witches. However, that witch destination isn’t alone, as the small village of Soportujar also celebrates witchy things. Read on to find out what you can see in the village while on a day trip from Granada. Soportujar in Spain and its witches When glancing...

Parador de Tortosa, Catalunya

Luxurious Vacation: Stay In A Real Castle In Spain In 2024

The Paradores of Spain are iconic and luxurious hotels, often set in historic buildings such as palaces, medieval castles, monasteries and convents. Some are set in modern buildings, but all offer the same level of quality. Moreover, they are surrounded by beautiful countryside or historic cities. In each case, the paradores are convenient to popular landmarks and...

Catoira Viking Festival

Vikings & Witches On A Weird & Wonderful Vacation In Spain

Travelers planning a vacation in Spain mostly think of major cities like Madrid or Barcelona. They book a visit to the beautiful beaches on the country’s coasts. However, for anyone looking for a truly memorable Spanish vacation can experience Vikings and witches in local events. Read on to find out more about the weird side of Spain and when you can experience these...

Caucasus Mountains - Georgia

Visit Caucasus: Three Countries At The Cultural Crossroads Of Europe And Asia

Anyone looking for an unusual or unique vacation in 2024 should consider visiting the Caucasus. This area of the world hosts three countries, each with different languages and cultures. Meanwhile, they border each other at the cultural crossroads of Europe and Asia, making for a unique experience. While each has a different history and culture, they also offer...

The Inn at Christmas Place, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA

Festive Hotel Celebrates Christmas Every Day With Non-Stop Carols

Currently, fans of festive movies are watching Hallmark Channel’s beloved Countdown to Christmas while getting in the holiday mood. However, there is one hotel where you can celebrate the holidays every day of the year, including meeting Santa, singing carols and enjoying festive feasts. Read on to find out more about The Inn at Christmas Place which celebrates all...

Aerial view of El Acebuchal, Spain

El Acebuchal: Abandoned Village Becomes A Mecca For Rural Tourism In Spain

With its quaint villages, nestling in the countryside, Spain is already a remarkable destination for rural tourism. However, the village of El Acebuchal, which was abandoned in 1949, has been given a new lease on life as a true Mecca for rural tourism. Read on to find out more about the village’s troubled history and how it has now been transformed. Learn how to get...