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Get Ready For A Vacation In Beautiful Cape Verde

Vacation in Cape Verde
Vacation in Cape Verde [Image by fyouzan from Pixabay]


Nestling in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of West Africa, Cape Verde is an archipelago of islands and the perfect place for any traveler looking for a unique destination. Because the islands are a hidden gem, they are the perfect place for travelers looking for differing cultures, adventure and natural beauty. Moreover, the archipelago offers 10 volcanic islands to visit, each with its own allure and charm. Here, visitors can explore the less-known Boa Vista with its idyllic beaches, or Santo Antao with its dramatic landscapes.

Visit the Cape Verde Islands this summer

Fishermen of Cape Verde
Fishermen of Cape Verde [Image by Schland from Pixabay]
Each island in Cape Verde weaves a mix of cultural richness, with influences from Portugal, Africa and Brazil. This makes a fascinating mix of cuisine, traditions and music. However, the one drawback is that few people in the islands speak English. On the islands you will mainly hear Portuguese or Creole, with a lovely lilting accent. However, a smartphone with a translation app like Google Translate makes life easier when interacting with the locals.

Are the islands safe for visitors?

Friendly Cape Verdeans
Friendly Cape Verdeans [Image by Kirsi Kataniemi from Pixabay]
Cape Verde is known as a safe and walkable location. While obviously, you should take precautions with your valuables as you do at home, you can explore the historic sites and vibrant markets safely. Moreover, travelers can enjoy the idyllic beaches, or explore the charming towns in safety. When traveling to further locations, taxis are available as a cheap and convenient transportation.

Culture and music in Cape Verde

Cabo Verde, as it is known in Portuguese, features its own rich musical heritage, with the traditional morna serenading listeners. Alternatively, the lively funaná is ideal for partying while on vacation. Readers can listen to the late Cape Verdean singer Cesaria Evora to get a feel for the musical vibe in the islands.

Nature and the beach

Each island offers a great beach experience, including the golden sands of Santa Maria in Sal, or the rugged and peaceful sands of Tarrafal in Santiago. Besides lazing on the beach and taking a dip in the waves, most beaches offer the best opportunities for water sports. Meanwhile, exploring the islands’ volcanic landscapes is a thrill all of its own.

Cape Verde and affordability

Beach at Boa Vista
Beach at Boa Vista [Image by Matthias Lemm from Pixabay]
One of the best aspects of Cabo Verde is that it is budget-friendly, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stay in style and luxury at one of its hotels, resorts and affordable guesthouses.

As for currency, euros are widely accepted on the islands, alongside the local currency, the Cape Verdean Escudo (CVE). For American travelers, it is recommended to convert your cash when landing on the islands. While major credit cards are accepted in touristy areas, it is always recommended to have cash handy for smaller purchases.

When should you visit Cape Verde?

Church in Cabo Verde
Church in Cape Verde [Image by Matthias Lemm from Pixabay]
Like other island destinations off the West African coast, Cape Verde enjoys a mild climate all year round. For those seeking endless sunshine, the dry season from November to June is ideal. Meanwhile, the weather from July to October is the rainy season.

Experience Cape Verde on your next island vacation, meeting the friendly locals and exploring nature. After your first visit, you will likely want to head there again, visiting different islands each time. Find more information, including which airlines visit the islands on the Cabo Verde official tourism website here.



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