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Riviera Nayarit, Mexico

Experience The Beauty Of Nayarit, Mexico This Year

When travelers think of Mexico, many immediately think of the Riviera Maya, with its idyllic beaches and historic ruins. However, Nayarit in Mexico is equally an area of natural beauty and exciting historical and cultural experiences. Make a difference this year by traveling to Nayarit, a Mexican state nestling in the eastern part of Mexico. This beautiful state lies...

Vacation in Cape Verde

Get Ready For A Vacation In Beautiful Cape Verde

    Nestling in the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of West Africa, Cape Verde is an archipelago of islands and the perfect place for any traveler looking for a unique destination. Because the islands are a hidden gem, they are the perfect place for travelers looking for differing cultures, adventure and natural beauty. Moreover, the archipelago offers 10...

Bali, Indonesia is one of the top locations for solo travelers

Top 5 Locations For Solo Travelers This Summer According To Google

When looking for travel tips, Google can be a reliable source and when choosing solo travel, Google Flights reveals the top locations. As the popular trend of traveling solo continues, find out the best places to go according to the search engine’s data. Top 5 locations for solo travelers this summer 1. Solo travel to Bali, Indonesia While travelers have been...

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Travelers Urged To Avoid Dangerous Marine Life On Mexican Caribbean Beaches

It turns out it isn’t just humans spending winter on the beaches of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. One of the ocean’s most dangerous inhabitants is also enjoying the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean right now. Travelers in the area are being urged to take care and avoid a nasty and sometimes dangerous sting while on vacation in Mexico. Portuguese Man O’ War on...

Travelers to Mexico should avoid these common scams

Watch Out For These Common Scams In Popular Beach Locations In Mexico

Anyone who travels the world has come across scams whereby locals try to relieve travelers of their vacation cash. However, these six common scams in Mexico really take the cake. Anyone visiting Mexico for the first time should be aware and know what to look out for. However, even well-seasoned travelers could also get targeted for their hard-earned cash. Top common...

Town in Spain installs unique radar speed control signs

Town In Spain Takes Unique Approach To Speed Control

Anyone who lives in or regularly visits Spain is aware of the fact that authorities take speed control seriously. What with hidden radar cameras and cop cars hiding in the bushes, it is all too easy to get caught going over the limit. However, it seems not every town in Spain takes speed control so seriously. One town, La Algaba in the Sevilla Province has introduced...

US State Department Level 4: Do Not Travel countries

US State Department’s ‘Level 4: Do Not Travel’ List For 2024

The US State Department has recently updated its “Level 4: Do Not Travel” list for 2024. The updated list includes 22 countries that Americans are warned against visiting. While we prefer to write about wonderful places everyone should visit, sometimes we have to take stock and check which places we shouldn’t go. Read on to find out which countries are now added to...