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Travelers Warned Of Extreme Temperatures In European Hotspots

The Acropolis, Athens, Greece
Athens in Greece is one of several European locations suffering extreme heat this summer [Image by Christo Anestev from Pixabay]
The temperatures seem to soar higher each year, and certain European countries are already reporting extreme temperatures While it’s only June, some nations are recording temperatures as high as 43°C (109°F), leading to travelers being warned to take care. Among the warnings for tourists is to stay hydrated and spend time in shaded or air-conditioned environments during the hottest time of the day to avoid any health problems from extreme heat.

Travelers warned as temperatures soar in European hotspots

The Colosseum in Rome, Italy
The Colosseum in Rome [Image by Oliver Lechner from Pixabay]
Currently, several countries on the European continent are suffering record-high temperatures, including Greece, Spain and Italy. Some are already issuing warnings after suffering wildfires and registering heat-related death cases. According to Bloomberg, these conditions will continue into next month.

Not everyone can avoid the hottest summer months due to school breaks and work-related vacation time. For that reason, travelers must be aware and are warned to travel cautiously in certain parts of Greece, Spain and Italy to avoid casualties or serious, heat-related health risks.

While it is still early in the summer season, some areas of popular European hotspots like Greece, Spain and Italy have already registered temperatures as high as 43°C (109°F). Some of these destinations feature high humidity levels, causing people to sweat excessively, which can quickly lead to dangerous levels of dehydration. So far, in Greece, several tourists have gone missing and reportedly, some have died with such high levels of heat.

Greece taking action during heat waves

Crete. Greece
Crete. Greece [Image by Makalu from Pixabay]
To ensure the safety of tourists after casualties have already been reported, Athens in Greece is taking measures by closing its most popular, famous and historical landmark, the Acropolis, due to excessive heat.

Moreover, besides the mainland, the heat wave is also affecting popular Greek islands, including Crete, Rhodes, Samos and more

Italy issues Level Three alert for heat waves

Palermo, Sicily for digital nomads
Palermo, Sicily [Image by Nat Aggiato from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, Italy is also registering extremely high temperatures, leading the Italian Ministry of Health to issue a Level Three alert – the highest level – for several cities including Rome, Palermo and more.

To avoid wildfires, tourists are advised to not leave litter, especially glass that can cause flames, and to ensure cigarettes are properly extinguished to avoid starting wildfires.

It is safe to travel to European hotspots amid high temperatures?

Keep hydrated in the summer heat
Keep hydrated in the summer heat [Image by NGUYEN NGOC TIEN from Pixabay]
Despite the soaring temperatures, it is still safe to visit popular European destinations as long as care is taken. Travelers are recommended to follow the advice of local authorities and to take every precaution to remain safe.

Hydration is one of the major aspects of high temperatures and travelers are advised to stay hydrated at all times, but try to avoid drinking alcohol or coffee in the hottest time of the day. Moreover, they should keep to shaded or air-conditioned environments and to wear sunscreen when out in the sun.

Relating to the dangers of wildfires, travelers are encouraged to ensure they have adequate travel insurance as extreme temperatures are not always predicted. While travel insurance policies is mostly to cover unforeseen events related to lost or stolen belongings and medical expenses, some policies also cover cancelations caused by extreme weather conditions.  Most policies cover compensation if flights are canceled due to unforeseen weather conditions.



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