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Visit The Lesser-Traveled Kythnos In The Cyclades Of Greece

Visit Kythnos in the Cyclades of Greece
Kythnos, Greece [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Kythnos is a lesser-known island in the Cyclades of Greece, close to the coast of Attica. The south of the island is mostly uninhabited, but in the north, Merichas, the island’s harbor, Mesaria, its capital, Loutra and Dryopida are worth visiting. Throughout the island, the traditional blue and white architecture is seen, while the countryside has more than 350 small chapels scattered throughout. Meanwhile, the villages are picturesque with narrow, cobbled alleys and white-washed houses, churches, squares and windmills. Read on to find out more about Kythnos and what this charming island has to offer travelers.

Beaches of Kythnos

Kolona Beach, Kythnos, Greece
Kolona Beach [Image Wikimedia Commons]
One of the most beautiful beaches is Kolona Beach, which is also a natural landmark. Here, a narrow strip of sand connects the island to the islet of St. Loukas. The strip of sand allows people to swim on both sides and travelers will find that one side is warmer than the other.

Driving to Kolona is somewhat challenging as it is accessed on a dirt road. However, it is possible to catch a water taxi from the port of Merichas, which is just 15 minutes away.

Apokrousi Beach, Kythnos, Greece
Apokrousi Beach [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Besides Kolona, Kythnos has 98 beaches, some with sand, others pebbly, offering something for everyone. One of the most popular is Apokrousi Beach, a long stretch of sand with clear turquoise water and backed by shady trees. Meanwhile, it also has three beach bars, but despite being popular, it never feels overcrowded.

Probably the best sandy beach on the island is Episkopi, which has all the amenities beachgoers want, including sunbeds and parasols, taverns, a beach bar and crystal-clear blue water.

Explore the quaint, traditional towns

Painted home in Kythnos
Painted home in Kythnos [Image by Andreas from Pixabay]
One of the most beautiful towns to visit is Chora, which spreads over a slope a short drive from Merichas port. The village is car-free and is a wonderful place to stroll, with its clean, blue and white houses. The narrow streets are full of beautiful flowers, with cafes, bars, shops, windmills and chapels along the way.

It is also a historic place with museums to explore the folklore of the island, as well as an archaeological museum. Here, the exhibits come from the ancient city of Vryokastro, as well as an early settlement of Maroulas, where excavations continue.

Dryopida, Kythnos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Dryopida [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Another village is Kythnos which is a worthy visit is Dryopida, a settlement built in a valley in the heart of the island. Like Chora, it has pretty alleyways lined with white-washed homes, but on the northern side of the village is the entrance to Katafiki Cave. This is one of the largest in Greece and in the past, was used as a shelter and hideout from pirates, the Ottomans and other invaders.

Visit the thermal springs of Loutra

Loutra thermal springs
Loutra thermal springs [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Up in the north of Kythnos lies Loutra, a village renowned for its thermal springs, known for their therapeutic properties. There are two hot springs, Agioi Anargyroi and Kakavos. The former has a hydrotherapy center with marble baths, while the latter is right on the seafront.

Visit the Cycladic island of Kythnos on your next vacation in Greece to see these attractions and many more. Find out more on the official tourism website here.


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