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3 Best Islands In Greece To Visit This Summer Away From The Crowds

Greek Islands without the crowds
Quieter Islands in Greece [Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels]

With its culture, landscapes and food, Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, which means that in summer, things can get pretty crowded. Popular Greek Islands like Crete, Mykonos and Santorini are packed throughout the bisu season. However, Greece has more than 200 beautiful islands to choose from, some of which are away from the beaten tourist track. Meanwhile, the architecture is just as beautiful, the beaches are as gorgeous, the history as fascinating and the food and wine equally delicious. Let’s look at three alternative Greek Islands to visit this summer, without the crowds of tourists.

1. Ikaria in Greece

Ikaria Island in Greece
Ikaria Island [Image almekri01/Flickr]
One of the most remote islands in Greece, Ikaria is one of those places where locals tend to have much longer life expectancies. The reasons are simple – the island’s gorgeous scenery, idyllic beaches and fascinating culture and food help people to live into their 90s or beyond. However, this also means that the people of the island tend to go slower, with cafés opening when they feel like it. Meanwhile, most locals are self-sufficient, growing what they need, including their own olive oil and wine. While the rest of the world lives on their smartphones, people in Ikaria often have no phones. It’s one of those places that takes you back into a quieter and more relaxed time and takes a break from technology. Meanwhile, there are a number of ways to reach Ikaria, including regular ferries from Athens.

2. The island of Karpathos

Karpathos, Greece
Karpathos [Image by Tom on Pixabay]
Picture perfect Karpathos nestles between the more popular islands of Crete and Rhodes. Like Ikaria, this island in the Dodecanese region seems to be in a different era and life is slow and beautiful. Here, visitors can enjoy the idyllic white sand beaches on the island’s tree-backed coast and immerse themselves in the local traditions. One of the best places to stay is the cliffside town of Olympos where the locals wear traditional classic Greek clothing, including colorful folk dresses and leather boots. Meanwhile, again, regular ferries take you from Athens to this beautiful island.

3. Visit Milos in Greece

Visit the Greek Island of Milos
Milos, Greece [Image by Monique Stokman on Pixabay]
The beautiful island of Milos lies west of the popular island of Santorini and offers around 80 miles of sandy coastline. In fact, one of the best ways to experience Milos is by paddling a kayak around the coast, enjoying the magnificent views. Formed by a volcano, the island has a unique yellow beach, backed by red, white and yellow cliffs. In the island’s capital of Plaka, museums offer the history of Milos, while visitors can rent an off-road vehicle to visit the many archaeological sites, like Profitis Ilias, nestling on the highest point of the island. Meanwhile, it is easy to catch a ferry from Athens to Milos to start the journey to this beautiful Greek Island.

Take a break from the tourist crowds this summer, visiting some of the most beautiful islands that Greece has to offer in peace.

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