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5 Fun Things To Do In Greece

5 Fun Things To Do In Greece

Greece lands on many people’s travel bucket lists for a very good reason. Filled with beautiful beaches, incredible history, art, religious, and cultural museums, not to mention archeological wonders, nightlife, and food; it embodies the perfect tourist experience. If you are in the planning stages for a vacation to this European country, below are five fun things to do.

1. Visit The Acropolis

One cannot think about heading to Greece without a visit to the #1 attraction in the country. Located in Greece’s capital, Athens, the Acropolis dominates the skyline of this unique metropolitan city. Filled with history and awe-inspiring architecture, you can walk about the Doric columns, see the spectacular temples, and marvel at the Parthenon monument, which is truly the highlight of the entire ancient citadel.

2. Enjoy A Relaxing Day At Balos Beach

If you want to experience the bluest of blue waters, then carve out some time during your Greece vacation to spend a day at Balos Beach. Located on the island of Crete, the area is made up of lagoons that open up to waters so clear, you’ll be able to see fish and underwater life in their natural habitat. Cool down in the water or work on your tan by renting parasols and sunbeds on the beach.

5 Fun Things To Do In Greece

3. For The Adventurous At Heart: Melissani Cave

A craggy cave with amazing beauty, Melissani Cave is located close to Karavomilo. It’s approximately four kilometers long and was formed over centuries when the soft rocks nearby were eroded by water. Also located inside the cave is Melissani Lake is located inside the cave, which was discovered in 1951. Visitors can go into the cave through a tunnel, and head out to the lake via a boat. The entire experience is something you’ll be talking about with friends for years to come.

4. Opa! Spend Some Time At The Museum of Olive & Greek Olive Oil

Greece is known for producing some of the best olives and olive oil, worldwide. If you are looking to switch things up a bit and do something “typically touristy”, the Museum of Olive and Greek Olive Oil is a fun day trip. Located in Patras’s Othonos Amalias, the museum showcases how the olive evolved from a mere fruit on a tree to a staple in Greek food life. There are galleries that talk about how olive oil was once used in perfume and for fuel, as well as ancient oil presses to gander at.

5 Fun Things To Do In Greece

5. Get Inspired By The Monasteries of Meteora

What’s more stunning than a group of monasteries that sit atop ginormous rock formations? In the early 9th century, the Eastern Orthodox monks that lived in the area fled to Meteora to escape persecution from the Turkish Army. At one point there were over 20 monasteries; however, that’s dwindled to approximately six now. Regardless, the area is enveloped in monolithic pillars and ancient boulders, which continue to be a spectacular sight for anyone to see. In fact, the region is known as a UNESCO World Heritage site providing one of the most delightful and haunting landscapes across the globe.

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