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Experience Guided Tours On The Gran Senda De La Axarquía, Spain

Gran Senda de Axarquia Spain
Gran Send de Axarquia in Spain [Image by Tyk on Wikimedia Commons]
Officials in Málaga are rightfully proud of this region in southern Spain and have set up guided tours on the Gran Senda de la Axarquía (Great Path of the Axarquía). The Axarquía region is full of natural beauty, including mountains and valleys, pretty landscapes and more. To ensure that visitors can experience this and other areas of the Málaga Province, guided tours will shortly be available to experience it at its best. Read on to find out more about the guided tours that head through the Antequera region, Axarquía and the beautiful Genal Valley starting in March this year.

Guided tours along the Gran Senda de la Axarquía, Málaga Province

Lake in Axarquia
Beautiful lake in the area [Image by Kim van Velzen on Wikimedia Commons]
Starting in March 2024, the immersive Gran Senda (Great Path) de la Axarquía is a four-day experience, set to take visitors through the Antequera region of Andalucía, Axarquía and the beautiful Genal Valley. The guided tours have been organized by the Málaga Provincial Council to showcase the region’s natural wonders.

Immersive journeys in nature

The first of the guided tours are set to debut on March 3 and 17, and April 7 and 28, 2024. The immersive journeys include stage 12 of the Gran Senda de Málaga and stage 2 of the Gran Senda de la Axarquía. These guided tours allow visitors to experience the beauty of the region and to ensure that the nature remains unspoiled and pristine.

Protecting delicate ecosystems

Announcing the new Great Path, Cristóbal Ortega, Vice President of Infrastructure and Sustainable Territory at the Diputación de Málaga, explained the importance of the tours. He stressed that they are not only to showcase the beautiful environment but also to protect delicate ecosystems in the area.

Even better, the guided tours of Axarquía are free for visitors aged 14 and above. It should be noted, however, that children must be accompanied by an adult.

Landscapes, history and culture in Axarquía

Torre de Maro, Nerja, Axarquia
Torre de Maro, Nerja, Axarquia, Spain [Image by Miradas de Andalucía on Flickr]
Ortega explained the initiative’s broader goals of revitalizing cultural, historic and environmentally significant areas. He dubbed the province as a natural tourism hub. The new route has four stages and runs for 44 km (27 mi) through eight beautiful villages in Axarquía. Moreover, the villages include Riogordo, Comares, Cútar, El Borge, Almáchar, Macharaviaya, Moclinejo and Rincón de la Victoria.

Meanwhile, the route links with the Gran Senda de Málaga (GR 249) to the north and with the Senda Litoral (Coastal Path) to the south.

Comares in Axarquia region
The white village of Comares [Image by Pieter Bas Elskamp on Flickr]
 Meanwhile, the hiking routes range from 10 to 13 km (6 mi to 8 mi) and offer travelers a beautiful blend of cultural richness, history and landscapes. Moreover, the guided tours start at 8:00 am from the Diputación de Málaga headquarters.

Readers can enjoy an introduction to the beauty of Axarquía in the video included here.

Readers planning on visiting this beautiful part of Spain around those dates can register for the guided tours on the Gran Senda website, or by email at gransenda@malaga.es.




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