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Croatia Honored With Kristofor Medal For Sustainable Tourism Commitment 

Croatia awarded the Kristofor Medal for its efforts towards sustainable tourism
Croatia awarded the Kristofor Medal for its efforts towards sustainable tourism [Image by Marijana from Pixabay]
Croatia is making remarkable achievements in the field of sustainable tourism and their efforts are being rewarded. Moreover, the county has garnered international recognition for its efforts, as it is honored with the Kristofor Medal. The medal comes from Europe’s foremost automobile club, ADAC, and the German Automobile Club and honors Croatia’s remarkable achievements in sustainable tourism.

Croatia awarded Kristofor Medal for commitment to sustainable tourism

In recent years, due to climate change, travel is changing, with efforts made toward sustainable tourism. Train travel is once again becoming popular, as it reduces travelers’ carbon footprint. However, Croatia is now in the headlines over its efforts towards sustainable tourism. Moreover, the country is now being lauded as an example of best practice for other European and international destinations.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia [Image by Ramon Perucho from Pixabay]
Croatia’s reforms have established a strategic and robust framework for tourism management. Its methods emphasize the conversation of resources while enhancing the quality of life for both local residents and tourists.

‘Sustainable tourism is the right and only direction’

While accepting the prestigious award, Minister Nikolina Brnjac said:

Thank you to ADAC for recognizing the importance of this Act, as well as all the efforts that the Government of the Republic of Croatia has invested in creating a strategic and legislative framework for the development of sustainable tourism in Croatia. This award confirms that the direction of sustainable tourism is the right and only direction to which we should strive.

By establishing its Tourism Act, Croatia was the first country to establish this legislation. The country pioneered the data-based management of tourism development. This is aimed at ensuring that tourists have a more sustainable and enjoyable experience. Moreover, it also aims to foster the well-being of local communities.

Other accolades received by Croatia

Split, Croatia and sustainable tourism
Split, Croatia [Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay]
Awarding the ADAC Kristofor Medal is an important recognition of Croatia’s ongoing collaboration with ADAC and the German automobile club. The award given to Minister Brnjac reflects the country’s major efforts in sustainable tourism practices. Meanwhile, the medal joins other accolades received by Croatia. These include acknowledgement by the World Tourism Organization (formerly UNWTO) and the European Commission where the country was cited as a model of good practice in sustainable tourism development.

Meanwhile, its approach to sustainable tourism has drawn attention on an international scale. Croatia is included in the EU’s strategic document titled, “Transition Path for Tourism.” This document highlights the country as an example of exemplary practice within the context of its strategy for the Development of Sustainable Tourism until 2030. Moreover, financial support is given for the implementation through the NPOO program.

Speaking of the award, Minister Brnjac said:

I am extremely happy that Croatia is recognized in the world as a leader in the development of sustainable tourism, and we are one of the few countries that has this kind of Tourism Act, which enabled each destination to develop in the direction of sustainability on the basis of exact data, and our examples and good practices will serve as guidelines for the development of tourism in other European and world destinations.

Sustainable tourism efforts

Croatia [Image by Ramon Perucho from Pixabay]
As noted by Frommer’s, visitors to Croatia are impressed by its unspoiled landscapes and seascapes, water cleanliness and air quality. Moreover, the country is trying to make its public aware of the importance of reducing waste and recycling.

Back in 2006, the Ministry for Environmental Protection launched a recycling policy that has eliminated almost 100 percent of plastic and glass litter in the country. Local residents can bring any plastic or glass bottles to any market where they will receive 50 lipa or half a kuna (6 kn to the US Dollar) for each returned bottle, even if they purchased the drink elsewhere.


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