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Sevilla Hosts Only AC/DC Concert In Spain On Its Power Up Tour Europe 2024

AC/DC on tour
[Image AC/DC on Facebook]
Sevilla is an incredible city, full of beautiful architecture and more. For those travelers yet to visit, May 2024 could be the ideal time, especially if they are fans of the hard rock band AC/DC. The iconic band is setting out on a grand European tour this year after a break of eight years. After the band announced its upcoming European tour, fans are understandably excited. Which European city will they choose to buy tickets for AC/DC on its new tour?

AC/DC to play in Sevilla, Spain this year

Recently, the hard rock band announced its AC/DC Power Up Tour Europe 2024 on their official X (formerly Twitter) page. They captioned their first message, writing, “We are thrilled to finally announce the ‘POWER UP’ European Tour. Angus, Brian, Stevie, and Matt will be joined by Chris Chaney to carry the torch for Cliff. (1/2)”

In their second post on X, AC/DC wrote, “The tour will see us play shows across Germany, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, England, Slovakia, Belgium, France & Ireland this Summer. We can’t wait to see you all out there. Tickets on sale Feb 16.’”

Clearly, the band is looking forward to its European tour and no doubt fans will be too, with tickets going on sale on February 16. After a hiatus of eight years, AC/DC fans can’t wait until the tour begins.

Concert in Sevilla

Estadio de la Cartuja, Sevilla, Spain
Estadio de la Cartuja, Sevilla, Spain [Image by Валерий Дед on Wikimedia Commons]
Surprisingly, AC/DC is only playing in one Spanish city this time around, namely Sevilla in Andalucía, southern Spain. Normally, visiting bands would choose the obvious locations, like Barcelona or Madrid. However, Sevilla is the city that gets to host their only performance in Spain.

For those planning on visiting Sevilla for the concern, it is scheduled for Wednesday, May 29, at Estadio de la Cartuja in the city. However, this venue is familiar to the band, who have previously visited in 2010 and 2016.

Ticket sales to open February 16

Fans will be able to buy tickets for the AC/DC concert from Friday, February 16, starting at 09:45 am CET on livenation.es and at 10:00 am CET on Ticketmaster. Alternatively, purchase tickets on the band’s official website here.

However, with the hard rock band only playing in Sevilla this time around, fans will have to be quick to snag the best seats at the exclusive show. Meanwhile, at this stage, prices will only be announced once the sales begin, leaving fans speculating as to the cost. Back in 2016, a ticket for the AC/DC concerts was priced at €75 ($81) to €80 ($86).

About the AC/DC Power Up Tour Europe 2024

AC/DC’s European tour will feature Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Stevie Young and Matt Laug, with Chris Chaney joining as the new bassist. Meanwhile, the tour kicks off on May 17 in Germany, heading to other major European countries before wrapping up the tour in Ireland on August 17.

Angus Young performing with AC/DC in Barcelona in 2010
Angus Young performing with AC/DC in Barcelona in 2010 [Image by Joan Sorolla on Wikimedia Commons]
Moreover, the band has had several line-up changes over the years, but lead guitarist Angus Young has stayed with the band throughout. Like many other rockers, including the Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney, Young is aging, as he will turn 69 years old by the time AC/DC performs in Sevilla. It just goes to show that good music and performers are ageless these days. Meanwhile, the concert in Sevilla is likely to be a highlight of the band’s tour, as Spain eagerly awaits their return.

About Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, Spain
Sevilla, Spain [Image by Alp Cem from Pixabay]
Sevilla is located in Andalucía in southern Spain and is famous for its stunning architecture and monuments. It is also known for flamenco and its tapas scene. Throughout the city’s quaint neighborhoods, visitors can see historic churches, palaces and more.

If visiting the city for the AC/DC concert, make sure to tag on several days to explore this beautiful place.




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