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Sustainable travel

Travelers are seeking quiet escapes in a new travel tend

Latest ‘Transformative Travel’ Trend Sees People Seeking Quiet Escapes

Since the end of the pandemic, travel has come back in full force, with some destinations reporting record numbers of visitors. Among the latest trends is solo travel, where people enjoy vacationing alone in growing numbers. However, the latest trend right now isn’t about exciting city breaks and lively nightlife. It has been revealed that this new trend is all about...

Southwest Airlines buys SAFFiRE Renewables LLC as part of its subsidiary, Southwest Airlines Renewal Ventures to develop sustainable air fuel

Southwest Airlines Buys Sustainable Air Fuel Company

Sustainable travel is coming as Southwest Airlines purchases SAFFiRE Renewables, LLC. The new purchase is part of the Dallas-based carrier’s investment portfolio of its wholly-owned subsidiary Southwest Airlines Renewable Ventures, LLC (SARV). This purchase is another action by the airline to establish its own sustainable air fuel program. Sustainable air fuel for...

Philippines Island Hopping Adventure with Contiki

Contiki Offers Exciting Island-Hopping Trip To The Philippines

Contiki has just announced its first-ever island hopping trip to the Philippines with either a 9-day or 13-day adventure bookable in 2024 and 2025. On the trip, travelers aged 18 to 35 will have many adventures, including a boat ride through a subterranean river and a traditional Filipino meal at a local’s house. Read on to find out more about Contiki’s first-ever...

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, USA

According To The NPS These Were The Most Popular National Parks In 2023

During and following the pandemic, the US National Parks became popular places to be for people across the USA. Getting out into the fresh air in beautiful nature made so much sense to people. Fast forward to 2023, and the national parks are still hugely popular with travelers. The National Parks Service has revealed which parks were the top 10 most and least popular...

Gran Senda de Axarquia Spain

Experience Guided Tours On The Gran Senda De La Axarquía, Spain

Officials in Málaga are rightfully proud of this region in southern Spain and have set up guided tours on the Gran Senda de la Axarquía (Great Path of the Axarquía). The Axarquía region is full of natural beauty, including mountains and valleys, pretty landscapes and more. To ensure that visitors can experience this and other areas of the Málaga Province, guided...

Croatia awarded the Kristofor Medal for its efforts towards sustainable tourism

Croatia Honored With Kristofor Medal For Sustainable Tourism Commitment 

Croatia is making remarkable achievements in the field of sustainable tourism and their efforts are being rewarded. Moreover, the county has garnered international recognition for its efforts, as it is honored with the Kristofor Medal. The medal comes from Europe’s foremost automobile club, ADAC, and the German Automobile Club and honors Croatia’s remarkable...

United Airlines adds more corporate partners to the Sustainable Flight Fund

United Airlines Adds To $200 Million-Plus Sustainable Flight Fund

In these days of climate change, with record heat waves and cold, flooding and more, United Airlines is caring for the environment. The airline has announced new partners in the United Airlines Ventures Sustainable Flight Fund. Joining the fight are Air New Zealand, Aircastle, Google, Embraer, Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking, HIS, Technip Energies and...

Elephants on a safari in Malawi, Africa

Take A Safari In A Different Location In Africa This Year

When going on a safari vacation in Africa, many travelers pick well-known locations like South Africa and Kenya. However, the continent has other equally worthy locations for a safari, including Malawi and Zambia. Read on to find out why you should experience at least one safari vacation in these lesser-known locations. Malawi – the ‘Warm Heart of Africa’ There is a...

Crater Lake National Park the most beautiful according to travelers

Travelers Rank the USA’s Most Beautiful National Parks

As most people know, the National Parks of America are stunningly beautiful and diverse. If someone says there is something for everyone in the parks, this is no exaggeration. From stunning mountains to desert scenes and lush forests, each park has its own attractions. While many travelers head to international lands for scenic beauty, there is more than enough here...