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Santa Claus in Rovaniemi, Finland - one of the most magical places to celebrate Christmas

Visit Some Of The Most Magical Christmas Locations In The World

Everywhere that celebrates Christmas sees the locals put up decorations and sparkling lights, but some places offer a magical experience. The following are some of the top locations to spend the holidays this year. As there is only one month to go until the big day, make a note to visit one of these magical locations at Christmas in 2024. Visit Santa Claus in...

Unusual hotels - Treehotel, Harads - The UFO

Stay At One Of The Most Unusual Hotels In The World This Year

Why stay in an ordinary hotel this year when there are so many unusual hotels to choose from in this world? The following is a selection of some of the best and most unique accommodations out there on the planet.  Among them is a hotel in a tree, a Chinese resort that has been compared to a donut but offers amazing views and a classic car-themed hotel. 1. Treehotel...