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Experience The Landscapes Of The Cotswolds Of England

Visit the Cotswolds of England, UK
The Cotswolds [Image barnyz/Flickr]
The Cotswolds is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is an area of England, 25 miles in width and 60 miles in length. Encompassing several English counties, it starts in the Upper Thames, heading through Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, while also touching Somerset, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire. What makes this area of England such a remarkable place to visit? Read on to find out what this AONB has to offer.

About the Cotswolds of England

Severn Valley
Severn Valley [Image by Simon-Alun-Hark from Pixabay]
The Cotswolds feature gently rolling green hills, heading up from the meadows of the Upper Thames. It then heads down a scenic and beautiful escarpment, known as the Cotswold Edge, rising above the Severn Valley and Evesham Vale.

To mark the region’s beauty, the Cotswolds have been designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). Meanwhile, this coveted award is offered to an area “designated for conservation due to its significant landscape value.” Moreover, this gorgeous area of the UK truly lives up to that description.

Where to stay?

Coombe House, Bourton on the Water
Coombe House, Bourton on the Water [Image Booking.com]
When exploring the Cotswolds, there is a wide choice of accommodations available, with everything from hotels, bed & breakfasts, or a stay in a traditional cottage home, built of the locally quarried, golden Cotswold stone.

One highly recommended bed & breakfast is Coombe House in Bourton on the Water, pictured above. Set in a beautiful garden, the accommodations are perfectly placed for exploring the quaint village and the surrounding area.

Explore the quaint villages

Typical village in the Cotswolds of England
Quaint village [Image by Vicky Morrison from Pixabay]
A number of pretty villages and towns can be found throughout the Cotswolds, all built with the attractive golden Cotswold stone. In fact, just exploring the streets of the villages is a pleasure in itself.

While exploring, visit the Tewkesbury Heritage Center, set in a beautifully restored 17th-century building. This former hat shop now offers a detailed history of the Cotswolds and the area’s beautiful architectural heritage.

The Cotswolds of England, UK
The Cotswolds [Image by Jason from Pixabay]
Among tours available in the region, the Secret Cottage is a must. This tour of the North Cotswolds villages ends up in the cottage itself, a 400-year-old former home, now offering a tasteful lunch or afternoon cream tea. Along the way, learn more about the history of this AONB and get to know the area.

The Cotswold Way and Thames Path

The Cotswolds of England - walking and hiking
Walking trail [Image by Malcolm West from Pixabay]
For those with good walking shoes and plenty of energy, this beautiful region offers more than 3,100 miles of footpaths, just waiting to be explored. For cyclists and more serious walkers, the Cotswold Way and Thames Path is a fascinating walk, heading through several villages with beautiful scenery along the way.

Horseback riding is another activity in the Cotswolds, with several riding centers offering services to beginners and experienced riders. Those with experience can enjoy the area’s long-distance routes, such as the Sabrina Way.

Head to the Cotswolds Water Park

Cotswolds Water Park
Cotswolds Water Park [Image by Simon Elliott from Pixabay]
When speaking of a water park in this area of England, this isn’t your average fun park with water slides. In fact, this area of the Cotswolds features the largest “marl” lake system in the UK. The extraction of Jurassic limestone gravel over the past 50 years has ended, leaving the holes filling with water and becoming a beautiful water park to explore. These days, the water park is ideal for those keen on birds and wildlife, while other activities include sailing and fishing.

Take time out in the lovely Cotswolds of England on your next visit to the UK. This beautiful part of the world will give you memories for a lifetime.


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