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Vacation Dream: Experience The Most Luxurious Accommodations In The World

Luxurious accommodations in the world
Luxurious accommodations in the world [Image Gstaad Palace on Facebook]
Many of us have to stick to a budget when traveling the world, while others have the wherewithal to stay in style in luxurious accommodations. For those of us who cannot afford it, it is good to dream or hit the jackpot with the right lottery numbers. Here, we explore a stay in Gstaad Palace in Switzerland, an entire private island, a luxurious castle or over-water bungalows in Australia.

Most luxurious accommodations in the world

– Stay in style at Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

Gstaad Palace, Switzerland
Stay in a palace in Switzerland [Image Gstaad Palace on Facebook#
Why rent a hotel room when you can book the entire Gstaad Palace on a mountainside in Switzerland: These luxurious accommodations don’t come cheap, but you have a choice of 100 rooms and five restaurants, with breakfast included. Moreover, the palace offers a stylish vacation to anyone who can afford it and it is possible to just rent one room.

According to the Palace’s website, it may look like a fairytale, but real stories are written here every day. Moreover, the season doesn’t matter, as this makes an ideal ski location in winter in Switzerland.

– Private island in a tropical paradise

Book a private island
Book a private island [Image Private Islands Inc on Facebook]
Another way to experience luxurious accommodations is to book an entire private island in paradise. This makes for beautiful seclusion, with idyllic beaches, waving palm trees and, of course, crystal-clear waters to swim in. Moreover, travelers will be spoiled for choice, as private islands can be found in many exotic parts of the world.

Imagine a stay in the exotic Maldives or Seychelles, in the Caribbean, the South Pacific, or even in warmer parts of Europe. Renting a private island all to yourself will offer every luxury imaginable.

– Luxurious accommodations in a castle

Rent a castle
Luxurious accommodations in a castle [Image by Andreas from Pixabay]
If a private island sounds too much, how about booking a historic castle or manor house in the UK or Ireland? Alternatively, a luxurious chateau in France can add a touch of history to a luxurious stay.

When searching on the Internet, a surprising number of properties are available in Ireland, accommodating from 6 to 40 people. This places a whole new meaning on that group or family vacation. Meanwhile, French chateaus also vary and can accommodate groups of up to 30 guests or more.

– Overwater bungalows in Queensland, Australia

Overwater bungalows
Overwater bungalows [Image by Bettina Nørgaard from Pixabay]
It isn’t just the South Pacific or Asia that offers overwater bungalows, as similar luxurious accommodations can be found in Queensland, Australia. Moreover, all types of properties can be found down under, with everything from luxurious beach houses to boutique heritage retreats. Moreover, those on a budget can benefit from the Australian dollar as against the US dollar.

For those with the money, enjoy a stay in one of these luxurious accommodations. Meanwhile, for us mere mortals, it is great to dream and keep scratching the lottery cards, hoping for a win.



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