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Explore The Beautiful Hiking Trails Of Cuenca Province, Spain

Los Callejones de Las Majadas
Hiking trails in Cuenca – Los Callejones de Las Majadas [Image Wikimedia Commons]
With its varied landscapes, Spain is almost a world in one country and when seeking beautiful hiking trails, visitors are spoiled for choice. From the lush, green north of the country, through to Spain’s beaches, travelers have endless destinations to choose from. However, for truly fascinating hiking trails, Cuenca Province in Castilla la Mancha, Spain is an ideal choice.

Hiking trails in Cuenca Province, Spain

1. Los Callejones de Las Majadas

Los Callejones de Las Majadas
Los Callejones de Las Majadas [Image Wikimedia Commons]
A recent article spoke of the “Ruta de las Caras”, or Route of the Faces at the dam in Buendía, Cuenca. While that beautiful, artistic stroll wasn’t entirely natural, the next can be found in the Serrania de Cuenca Natural Park. Los Callejones de Las Majadas offers a series of hiking trails up in the mountains.

Pictured above and top, the name Los Callejones de Las Majadas translates to The Alleys of Stone in English and is a perfect title. The area is filled with curious rocky shapes, including monoliths, arches and bridges, formed by erosion of the cretaceous limestone. In fact, they were carved by the action of water and ice, and variations in temperature and wind over the years.

About the hiking trails

Located three miles from the village of Las Majadas, the park is ideal for serious hikers and gentle walkers. Moreover, two routes are available with the longest suited to experienced hikers, and the shorter route ideal for families with children. Both routes are clearly marked so that hikers don’t get lost among the confusing passages carved out of the rock.

Wildlife in Serrania de Cuenca
Deer in Serrania de Cuenca [Image @parque_natural_serrania_cuenca/Instagram]parque_natural_serrania_cuenca
Along the way, wildlife is often seen, including wild boar and deer, while birders can keep a lookout for eagles and other raptors as well as vultures.

Fans of James Bond movies will be interested to note that the Alleys of Stone were used for scenes in The World is Not Enough, filmed in 1999 with Pierce Brosnan as 007.

The video included here takes a tour of the amazing rock shapes in the park:

2. Hiking in Uña, Serrania de Cuenca

Staying in the Serrania de Cuenca, the next stop is located 22 miles from the town of Cuenca in the pretty, small town of Uña. The town is nestled in gorgeous mountainous landscapes and is set between Lake Uña and the River Júcar, just adding to the beautiful scenery.

Lake Uña, Serrania de Cuenca
Lake Uña, Serrania de Cuenca [Image Wikimedia Commons]
While the town is tiny, it is a welcoming place for visitors with cafés, a few shops and restaurants. Meanwhile, the turquoise blue of the lake can be seen from the town and this area was declared a wildlife refuge back in 1988. Visitors will often spot the deer and wild boar living in the area, as well as birds such as ducks, storks and vultures.

3. ‘Escalerón La Raya’ hiking trail

Panoramic view over Uña, Serrania de Cuenca
View from the top – Uña, Serrania de Cuenca [Image @parque_natural_serrania_cuenca/Instagram]
Among several popular hiking trails, the Escalerón La Raya route takes hikers on a five-mile hike up into the hills. It can be heavy going at times, but the panoramic views from up there make it all worthwhile.

Where to stay in Serrania de Cuenca?

The town of Cuenca
Cuenca [Image by algooalguien from Pixabay]
Throughout the area, comfortable and traditional rural accommodation is recommended. However, as both hiking locations are close to the city of Cuenca, it is worthwhile to stay in town. In fact, with so many great hiking trails in close proximity, it is best to stay in one place. From there, day trips can be made to all the best hiking spots.

Take a hike in the Serrania de Cuenca in Spain this year. Experience magnificent landscapes while making memories for a lifetime.



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