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The Force May Be With You As Disney To Revive Abandoned Attraction

Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser Terminal at Walt Disney World Resort
Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort [image by Steven Miller on Flickr]
When Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser was built at Walt Disney World Resort, it cost the company $400 million. However, it turned out to be a bust and was closed after two years. Fast forward to now and there is good news for those fans that did enjoy the attraction. Executives at Walt Disney World have announced that the attraction will be revived.

Walt Disney World to revive Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser

Hotel atrium
Hotel atrium [Image by Steven Miller on Flickr]
For those who didn’t get to visit, Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser Terminal was a fancy hotel at Walt Disney World where guests could play out their favorite Star Wars themes. It cost $400 million to build and was a pricey experience – some said it was overpriced.

To get an idea, some rooms in the hotel were $5,000, while some families had to pay as much as $6,000 which certainly isn’t cheap. Moreover, that is a lot of money to pay to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character and interact with a stormtrooper. In fact, the hotel was a niche attraction and Disney was eventually able to write off $300 million off the price of its construction.

The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Terminal opened in 2022 but closed in September 2023. However, in January 2024, the resort filed for a new permit to begin construction again.

About the failed Star Wars attraction

Launch ports from atrium
Launch ports from atrium [Image by Steven Miller on Flickr]
The hotel was conceived as a unique and wholly immersive adventure for Star Wars fans. It simulated a trip on board an interplanetary cruise ship, soaring through the constellations. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser combined elements of a luxurious hotel stay with a fascinating and engrossing themed environment.

Guests enjoyed exotic cuisines and interactive live theater, including performances and encounters with popular Star Wars characters. It was a truly unique opportunity for real-life role-playing experiences. However, it was not to be and it closed in September last year.

Will the revived attraction be similar?

Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser Terminal at Walt Disney World Resort
Star Wars: Galactica Starcruiser at Walt Disney World Resort [Image by Steven Miller on Flickr]
Currently, Walt Disney World has offered no details of the revived attraction. Moreover, it isn’t known if it will continue to be a hotel or part of the Star Wars galaxy. There is speculation that the attraction could become a lower-priced hotel. Alternatively, it could be a Star Wars-related restaurant, a new ride, or just a massive gift shop.

Other speculation from fans is that the attraction will become the backdrop to a seventh Star Wars movie. Whatever they are planning, founder and CEO of International Theme Park Services, Dennis Speigel said they weren’t scrapping it yet and spoke of the attraction, saying:

Disney will do something with the facility. They’ll pick themselves up, brush themselves off and start all over again.

Despite his quoting from the iconic 1936 Nat King Cole song, Pick Yourself Up, fans will have to wait until another announcement comes from Walt Disney World relating to the project.


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