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Nightjet Plans New Sleeper Trains In Europe From The End of 2024

OBB Nightjet sleeper trains
Nightjet to offer sleeper trains throughout Europe [Image by Florian Kropshofer from Pixabay]
In the past couple of years, rail travel has been booming with new sleeper train routes being launched in Europe. Next in line is a series of sleeper trains from a pioneering company, ÖBB Nightjet planning to connect Barcelona in Spain with the rest of Europe. These night trains allow a traveler to go to sleep in one country and wake up in another while avoiding airport queues, delayed flights or having to cross waters. Moreover, the trains are set to be luxurious, allowing passengers to travel in comfort and style. The new luxurious overnight train service is planned to kick off at the end of 2024.

New Nightjet sleeper trains coming to Europe

Train travel came into being almost two centuries ago, but with the arrival of plane travel it went out of fashion. However, nowadays, with climate change, travel is becoming environmentally friendly, as travelers aim to reduce their carbon footprint. In the last couple of years, this has led to the phenomenon of high-speed trains, taking passengers from A to B at impressive speeds.

OBB Nightjet sleeper trains
OBB Nightjet sleeper trains [Image by atimedia from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, sleeper trains are also coming back in fashion with many options available in Europe. These environmentally friendly modes of transport are said to make the journey from A to B a vacation in itself. Instead of queuing at the airport, suffering flight delays and more, travelers can relax and enjoy the journey while watching the passing landscapes. Naturally, dining options are available for passengers.

This has led to train travel being back in fashion as various countries push to promote more environmentally friendly alternatives to air travel. Already, France has banned domestic flights that cover distances of less than 200 km (124 mi) and other countries in Europe are planning the same. In fact, the European Union is giving its nations a push to promote rail travel.

Where will the night trains take you?

Parque Guell, Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona
Parque Guell, Barcelona [Image by Nikolaus Bader from Pixabay]
Eventually, ÖBB Nightjet aims to connect 13 major European cities via a network of top-quality sleeper trains and its plans are already on the way. Back in December 2021, the first phase added routes to link Vienna and Munich, along with Zurich, Cologne and Amsterdam. By 2022, the company had a connection between Zurich and Rome operating. Now, as 2023 draws to a close, connections are planned between Vienna and Berlin, with Brussels and Paris.

As noted by Spanish News Today, the latest exciting news is the addition of Barcelona in Spain to the mix. Imagine spending time in Barcelona, then hopping on a train to see more of Europe. ÖBB Nightjet will launch direct sleeper train services between Barcelona and Zurich in December 2024. Moreover, the ultimate plan will be to connect Barcelona with Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Florence, Hamburg and Milan.

What do the sleeper trains in Europe offer travelers?

Sleeping compartment on ÖBB Nightjet
Sleeping car on Nightjet [Image Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)/Facebook]
ÖBB Nightjet is teaming up with Siemens to design its train cars, which will offer both comfort and technology. While the service is luxurious and comfortable, the journey won’t cost the world. Travelers on a budget can choose cheap seats for as little as 50 euros each way. Moreover, shared bunk cabins will be available for a slightly increased price. For those seeking privacy, private sleeper cars will cost around 160 euros. Moreover, all cabins feature a built-in bathroom for convenience.

Bathroom on ÖBB Nightjet
Bathroom on ÖBB Nightjet [Image Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)/Facebook]

ÖBB Nightjet trains have a capacity of 254 passengers and travel at a speed of 230 km (148 mi) per hour. Meanwhile, the company aims to offer travelers a high-end experience at a lower price. Find out more about the sleeper trains on ÖBB Nightjet’s official website.


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