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Enjoy A Sustainable Visit To Eco-Friendly Guatemala

Ecotourism and sustainable travel in Guatemala
Enjoy a sustainable vacation in Guatemala [Image by Otto Garcia from Pixabay]
It was back in the 1990s that Costa Rica started its ecotourism trend and while it’s still winning, its near neighbor, Guatemala is catching up fast. Until recently, Guatemala focused on its indigenous culture, with its amazing Mayan ruins and the colonial architecture in its cities. However, due to all its stunningly beautiful landscapes, it is only natural (excuse the pun) that the Central American country would become involved in ecotourism. Meanwhile, this is not only to protect its delicate environment but also to attract more travelers each year. Read on to find out more about Guatemala’s ecotourism trend and what it offers to eco-minded travelers.

Eco-lodges in Guatemala

Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve
Eco-lodge on Lake Atitlán [Image Laguna Lodge Eco-Resort & Nature Reserve on Facebook[
The best way to spend a beautiful time in nature is to stay at one of Guatemala’s eco-lodges. The country offers these comfortable places to stay in all its best natural areas. Here, visitors can fall asleep surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. After a good night’s sleep, guests wake up to the sound of twittering birds instead of traffic noises.

Guatemala’s eco-lodges nestle in remote areas of the country and offer everything a guest could need. Not only are they a comfortable if rustic stay, but most also serve delicious meals created with healthy, organic ingredients sourced locally. Meanwhile, also included in the stay are activities like hiking, biking and bird watching in the area. When booking your stay, consider the following locations to enjoy everything Guatemala has to offer.

Visit Cobán in the Western Highlands

Coban in Guatemala
Semuc Champey, Coban [Image by ITICS Guatemala from Pixabay]
While the town of Cobán has little to offer eco-tourists, it nestles in stunningly beautiful surroundings. The hillsides are covered with forests, interspersed with fascinating coffee farms. Meanwhile, the location offers a range of places to go hiking and birdwatching.

Moreover, Cobán’s surroundings offer a range of attractions to visit, including the limestone pools at Semuc Champey (pictured above) and the Laguín caves.

Lake Atitlán in Guatemala

Lake Atitlán
Lake Atitlán [Image by Marco Antonio Reyes from Pixabay]
Among the most stunning locations in the Central American country is Lake Atitlán, where guests can find comfortable and sustainable accommodation in the town of Panajachel. While gazing at the clear water of the lake, backed by volcanoes and mountains, there is much to do here. Among the popular activities are swimming, kayaking, hiking and zip lining. Meanwhile, the town itself offers a great range of restaurants, serving the local cuisine, as well as bars and shops.

West of Panajachel, Santa Cruz La Laguna also nestles on the shores of Lake Atitlán and is accessible only by boat. This makes it an unspoiled destination with lush green forests backing the shore of the lake. Most of the hotels and amenities in the town are close to the water, but the original Mayan village can be visited with a comfortable inland hike.

Meanwhile, Santa Cruz La Laguna only features one road and there is little to see in town. However, heading out from the town are a number of lakeside trails to explore, plus swimming in the lake. Moreover, the town features a dive shop where visitors can enjoy fun dives and certification courses.

Hang out at Lake Petén Itzá

Lago Petén Itzá
Lake Petén Itzá [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Guatemala’s second biggest lake is Lake Petén Itzá, also set in beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Here, there are several lakeside towns to visit, including El Remate, San Andrés and San José. Each town offers the opportunity to relax, swim in the lake, or explore nature.

Moreover, El Remate is located close to Biotopo Cerro Cahuí, a perfect location for bird watching and hiking. There are also a number of excellent eco-lodges along the lakeside offering local cuisine and a relaxed vibe.

Enjoy an ecological visit to Guatemala, experiencing a sustainable and relaxing vacation.


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