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Have An Adventure Exploring Nature & Culture In Guyana

Kaieteur Falls and the rainforest, Guyana
Kaieteur Falls and the rainforest of Guyana [Image by Jolanda de Koning from Pixabay]
Located on the North Atlantic coast of South America, Guyana, officially the Co-operative Republic of Guyana has had quite the past. The country was formerly a Dutch colony until it spent some 200 years as a British colony. At that time, it was known as British Guiana, and its capital, Georgetown, is known for its British colonial architecture. This includes the tall, timber-built St. George’s Anglican Cathedral.

Meanwhile, Guyana is best known for its dense rainforest and rare wildlife and is an exciting destination for adventure and nature lovers. Read on to find out just some of the adventures available in Guyana, the “land of many waters.”

Meeting the locals in Guyana

Georgetown, Guyana
Georgetown, Guyana [Image Wikimedia Commons]
While nature is a big draw in Guyana, the country’s mix of indigenous, Afro-Caribbean, and European cultures and roots makes for a fascinating experience. Explore the city’s British colonial architecture while spending some time in Georgetown. Get to know the people, their traditions and cuisine, and head out into the jungle on an adventure.

Adventure tour of the rainforest

Taking an adventure tour of Guyana takes you to remote and dense rainforests and savannas where you can observe rare wildlife in a wild and untouched environment. Meanwhile, to make it even better, you can stay at an eco-lodge in the heart of the rainforest.

Kaieteur Falls, Guyana
Kaieteur Falls [Image by Jolanda de Koning from Pixabay]
One must-visit destination is the beautiful Kaieteur Falls, the highest free-falling waterfall in the world. Measuring 328 ft (100 m) in width, Kaieteur is a thundering waterfall, created where the Potaro River makes a sheer drop of 748 ft (228 m). In fact, the waterfall is almost five times the height of Niagara Falls.

Wildlife & birdlife in the jungle

Toucan in Iwokrama Forest
Toucan in Iwokrama Forest [Image Wikimedia Commons]
When exploring the rainforest, make sure you plan to make one of the remote, comfortable lodges a base for your exploration. Here, you are likely to see jaguars, black caiman, tapirs, spider monkeys and giant river otters. Spot the giant anteater, capybara, arapaima, giant river turtle and anaconda.

Among the many species of birds, look out for the harpy eagle in an environment virtually untouched by mankind. In fact, Guyana boasts more than 250 species of mammals, and 800 species of birds, spread across four mountain ranges, numerous waterways and lakes. Meanwhile, wildlife can be spotted while hiking, by 4×4 vehicles or exploring on the water by boat.

Guyana - canoe on the river
Canoe on a river [Image by David Mark from Pixabay]
Along the way, take a canopy tour of Iwokrama Forest, one of the few untouched tropical forests in the world. Also, explore the Rupununi savannahs and wetlands. Head up and out of the jungle climbing Turtle Mountain and experience a panoramic view over the rainforest canopy.

Experience the loyal Guyana culture

Beach in Guyana
Beach in Guyana [Image by Orlone from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, visit remote villages, such as Surama where you can experience the unique culture of the local people. This wonderful part of the world has been well preserved partly due to its inaccessibility, but also due to the protection of the Amerindian peoples who call it home. In return, they rely on the rainforest and its rivers and lakes for food, medicine, weapons, shelter and spiritual guidance. Moreover, on its coast, Guyana also offers pristine and idyllic beaches, just waiting to be explored.

Find out more about Guyana from the South American country’s official tourism website. Experience the country while taking an official tour with companies like Adventure Guianas, ready to share their knowledge with visitors, while protecting the country’s beautiful nature.



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