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Japan To Implement Tourist Fee On Mount Fuji To Fight Overtourism

Japan to charge tourist fee for Mount Fuji due to overtourism
Japan to charge tourist fee for Mount Fuji due to overtourism [Image by THUAN NGUYEN from Pixabay]
Japan has joined many other iconic tourist attractions in its fight against overtourism. To protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site, new rules are being implemented to combat overtourism. To this end, the country is adding a tourist fee for those visiting the iconic Mount Fuji.

Japan to fight overtourism at Mount Fuji

CNN reports that Mount Fuji, a popular site for tourists, suffers from human-made pollution, in which crowds attempt to climb the mountain. This leads to a less-than-enjoyable experience for visitors. However, it also negatively impacts Fuji-ko and those who worship the mountain.

Mount Fuji, Japan
Mount Fuji in Japan [Image by マクフライ 腰抜け from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, authorities in the Yamanashi Prefecture voted to charge a tourist fee of 2,000 yen (around $13, to everyone climbing Mount Fuji. Moreover, it will cap its daily visitor total at 4,000 climbers. Also, new guides at the iconic tourist site will also encourage good manners and mountain safety.

Koutaro Nagasaki, Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture said in a statement:

By strongly promoting comprehensive safety measures for climbing Mount Fuji, we will ensure that Mount Fuji, a treasure of the world, is passed onto future generations.

In order to revive traditional mountain climbing from the foot of Mount Fuji, we will gain a detailed understanding of the Fuji-ko and Oshi culture that supported Mount Fuji worship. We look to link these cultures to this mountain climbing, as it is rooted in the cultural values of the religion.

Tourism grows after COVID-19 pandemic

Mount Fuji backs Yokohama Bay
Mount Fuji backs Yokohama Bay [Image by マサコ アーント from Pixabay]
According to Nagasaki, the iconic Mount Fuji has soared in popularity over recent years. Reportedly, five million tourists hiked the mountain in 2019. This reveals a growth of three million people from 2012.

Meanwhile, since the pandemic entry requirements were dropped, Japan has suffered from overtourism as a whole. With the surge in popularity with travelers around the world, overcrowding and a lack of social etiquette by international travelers are among the highest concerns, along with pollution caused by visitors.

Fighting overtourism around the world

Venice, Italy bans cruise ships from the Lagoon.
Venice, Italy bans cruise ships from the Lagoon. [Image by Anne and Saturnino Miranda from Pixabay]
Among other popular tourist spots suffering from overtourism, Venice has introduced a tourist fee for daytrippers visiting the city. Venice has also banned large cruise ships from its port to protect the historic city.

Meanwhile, Athens has taken steps against overtourism in the Greek capital and the Netherlands is fighting the phenomenon in its own ways, also including a ban on cruise ships from its port. In a similar action, the popular city of Barcelona in Spain plans to impose cruise ship restrictions.  With the mooring of each large cruise ship, many thousands of tourists head ashore to crowd out the cities.


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