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Venice To Limit Overtourism With New Regulations

Venice to introduce new measures against overtourism
Venice to introduce new measures against overtourism [Image by G.C. from Pixabay]
Venice is an undeniably beautiful and fascinating destination in Italy and for that reason, the city gets too many visitors. Since the end of the pandemic, travel has returned to new levels as people once again explore their world. However, too many people are not a good thing in any city’s books. Trying to protect the beauty of the city and its historic buildings against the onslaught of tourists becomes too difficult.

New regulations to fight overtourism in Venice

Officials in Venice have already introduced several measures in its fight against overtourism, including the ban of large cruise ships from its harbor. Moreover, a small fee is levied on daytrippers to the city, who don’t contribute much during their visit.

However, after UNESCO considered placing the city on its endangered list, more action needed to be taken to preserve Venice and its treasures. In continuing its battle against overtourism, the Italian city is introducing new measures to control the crowds.

Overtourism in Venice
Overtourism in Venice [Image by Andreas H. from Pixabay]
Officials in Venice now propose two key changes relating to visitors to the city. One method is to limit the number of walking tour groups to 25 or fewer tourists. Moreover, the city wants to ban the use of loudspeakers in tour groups.

Many other cities in the world have experienced problems when it comes to large tour groups. In Venice, the groups will be prohibited from stopping in narrow streets or passageways and on bridges where they stop to gawk along the way. Meanwhile, residents find it hard to navigate their own streets and continue with their lives.

Reducing large groups in the city

St. Mark's Square
St. Mark’s Square [Image by Krešimir Jakupec from Pixabay]
However, so far the resolutions still have to be passed by the City Council, but a statement on Venice’s website reads:

Groups cannot exceed 25 people, i.e. half the passengers on a tourist coach. The use of loudspeakers that may cause confusion and disturbance will also be prohibited.

Besides the walking tour groups, gondola rides in St. Mark’s Square in the center of Venice have also been slowed down. This is hoped to help limit the number of tourists in the city and free up the use of the canals.

According to city security manager Elisabetta Pesce, this is “an important measure aimed at improving the management of groups.” She added that this also promotes sustainable tourism and guarantees the protection and safety of the city.

Besides the daytrippers’ surcharge, Venice museums are already limiting groups of visitors to 25 people. With tourists often outnumbering residents of Venice, all these new measures are hoped to make a vital difference.

Meanwhile, travelers can also do their best to protect this iconic city. Those who are not limited to school breaks can visit outside of the normal season. Instead of visiting in the summer, head to Venice in the spring, autumn, or winter. Not only does this help limit the numbers, but it also gives a different feel to the city.


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