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Test-Drive Your Wedding With Sandals And ‘Sunkissed Skies’

Test-Drive your Wedding at your Sandals Resort
Test-drive your wedding at your Sandals resort [Image Sandals Resorts on Facebook]
The whole family is excited about your coming nuptials, especially if it’s a destination wedding to be held at a Sandals resort. However, you have a feeling of distance between where you are right now and what your Caribbean resort has to offer you. This is no problem for Sandals as they truly understand how you are feeling right now – a mixture of nerves and excitement. The company has come up with a wedding inspiration dubbed “Sunkissed Skies” to test-drive your wedding.

Test-drive your Wedding with Sandals

Sandals Negril
Sandals Negril [Image Sandals Resorts on Facebook]
Whichever Sandals Resort you have booked for your wedding, the company offers the chance to test-drive your big day at the resort. Obviously, there is no better way to plan the perfect Caribbean wedding than while staying at your planned resort where you will be saying those vows.

Meanwhile, the test-drive program gives couples access to a Sandals luxury inclusive vacation while going through the planning stage at a special rate. Moreover, this experience is a win on two fronts – giving the couple much-needed relaxation from the wedding nerves and confirming the destination for the wedding.

How does ‘Sunkissed Skies’ work?

Sandals Resorts
Test-Drive Your Wedding at your chosen Sandals Resort [Image Sandals Resorts on Facebook]
The Test-Drive Your Wedding Program offers up to three nights at the Sandals resort of your choice. Meanwhile, if planning to bring children to the wedding, book a Beaches property at $275 per night.

While at the resort, couples can further reduce their stress by spending time with the Sandals Resorts wedding planners. They get to meet the wedding planners on a one-on-one basis while staying at the resort.

Meanwhile, besides meeting the wedding planners, the test-drive package includes a sneak peek of the resort, the catering, cake, décor and more in person. The happy couple can enjoy a cake tasting, as well as a meet and greet with the photography team. Moreover, they get to experience all the dining options available at the resort.

On top of the test drive, couples can enjoy all the normal options offered by the resort, including unlimited drinks, entertainment options and water sports. They get to try out all the options and let their wedding guests know what to expect.

Moreover, the Test Drive Your Wedding package includes a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, a complimentary printed 5 x 7” photo, taxes, tips and roundtrip airport transfers. It couldn’t be any more convenient and enjoyable for engaged couples.

To get the process going, complete the form on the Sandals Test-Drive Your Wedding website, and choose the resort, and dates that will work for the experience. Moreover, couples should provide information about their special day, including the number of guests, preferred dates and the type of wedding ceremony required.

Once all the details have been shared with Sandals, the happy couple can get ready to chill out and relax, while enjoying their test drive.


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