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Atlas Ocean Voyages To Offer Stargazing Workshops and 2026 Eclipse Expeditions

Atlas Ocean Voyages
World Navigator expedition to total solar eclipse in 2026 [Image Atlas Ocean Voyages/Facebook]
Many travelers experienced the 2024 total solar eclipse and now, many more will be able to watch the 2026 eclipse from the decks of a cruise ship. Atlas Ocean Voyages is adding stargazing workshops for its guests as well as 2026 total solar eclipse expeditions. Read on to find out more about Atlas’ Cultural Expeditions.

Atlas Ocean Voyages to offer stargazing workshops and 2026 total solar eclipse sailings

2026 Total Solar Eclipse
2026 Total Solar Eclipse [Image by Enrique from Pixabay]
There’s nothing quite like experiencing a stargazing journey on a cruise ship with no city lights to spoil the experience. However, with the 2026 total solar eclipse coming, this is another great way to experience the event from the deck of an Atlas Ocean Voyages ship.

The Atlas Focus Lab offered by the cruise like it adding another great option to its Cultural Expeditions to include stargazing workshops. Meanwhile, the new Stargazing and Astronomy Workshops will be held on select 2024 and 2025 cruise expeditions.

Moreover, Atlas Ocean Voyages will offer two total solar eclipse sailings on August 12, 2026. One is with the World Navigator, which will be stationed in the Arctic region near Patreksfjordur, Iceland. The second is on the World Traveller that will be stationed in the Mediterranean Sea near Palma de Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain,

Stargazing and Astronomy Workshops

Stargazing [Image by StockSnap from Pixabay]
On the Stargazing and Astronomy Workshop, guests will mix with fellow explorers to discuss the cosmos, while viewing the galaxy with advanced telescopes on deck. Meanwhile, they will also listen to talks and lectures covering topics like the birth of the universe and the latest astronomical discoveries. Moreover, on three expeditions in 2024 aboard the World Navigator, guests will be able to enjoy talks led by Astronomer Jonathan H. Ward.

Meanwhile, in 2025, World Voyager will feature astronomer Charles Barclay on an expedition, leaving on June 10 from Leith in Edinburgh to Trondheim in Norway. Moreover, additional Stargazing and Astronomy Workshop expeditions will head to Northern Europe in 2025, of which details will be released soon.

Stargazing and the sea

World Voyager
World Voyager [Image Atlas Ocean Voyages/Facebook]
James Rodriguez, President and CEO of Atlas Ocean Voyages spoke of the new expeditions, saying:

There has always been a close connection to stargazing and the sea, from captains navigating with the stars to novice astronomers gazing at the night sky on deck.

The Atlas Ocean Voyages team looks forward to welcoming Jonathan Ward and Charles Barclay onboard as our expedition guides to the galaxy as we further elevate the onboard experience for our guests to new heights.

Atlas Ocean Voyages and the 2026 total solar eclipse

Watching an eclipse
Watching an eclipse [Image by Dave Davidson from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, guests on the World Navigator will experience the total solar eclipse in Europe on August 12, 2026, from Patreksfjordur, Iceland. Moreover, the World Traveller will set sail in the Mediterranean Sea between Palma de Mallorca in Spain and Banyuls Sur Mer, France.

Rodriguez added:

This year’s solar eclipse was one of the most sought-after travel experiences in 2024 and Atlas Ocean Voyages is thrilled to offer not one, but two voyages to optimum locations for the next solar eclipse in 2026.

Readers can find more information on Atlas Ocean Voyages’ website here.


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