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What Makes The Greek Island Of Santorini Perfect For A Honeymoon?

Honeymoon on the Greek Island of Santorini in Greece
Honeymoon in Santorini [Image by Tyler Hurd from Pixabay]
The Greek island of Santorini is known for its beautiful whitewashed villages and iconic blue-domed churches. Moreover, it features a dramatic and craggy coastline, dotted with idyllic strips of sand. However, there is much more to this beautiful island than just relaxing on the beach and here, we offer the 10 best ways to spend a honeymoon on the island of Santorini.

1. Go for a romantic catamaran cruise

Romantic private catamaran cruise in Santorini
Private catamaran cruise [Image @santorini.yachting.club/Instagram]
While most visitors spend time on the bigger tourist boats, honeymooners should book a private catamaran cruise around the island. While viewing the beauty of the island along the way, an even better choice is a romantic onboard dinner cruise just for you.

2. Enjoy a private photography tour of Santorini

Take a private photography tour of Santorini
Memories to last a lifetime [Image @trip4shot/Instagram]
Have you ever had to ask a stranger to take your photograph while on vacation? There is a better option available in Santorini. While you can capture beautiful images on your own smartphone, a better option is to take a private photography tour. As you visit each iconic viewpoint, a professional photographer captures every moment in a candid style, allowing you to share those romantic memories with family and friends back home.

3. Greek Island wine tasting

Wine tasting in Santorini
Wine tasting [Image @vassaltisvineyards/Instagram]
One delicious option in Santorini is to take an official wine-tasting tour while learning about the delicious wines you have experienced in the restaurants. Meanwhile, honeymooners can raise a glass to each other at one of the wineries, without the need for a designated driver by booking an official tour, including Santo Winery and Vasaltis Vineyards, which also offer fantastic views.

4. Book a private tour of Santorini

Private tour of the island
Private tour [Image by kristinekelly from Pixabay]
Talking private tours, these are a much better option for honeymooners visiting the island as opposed to normal group tours. It might cost a little more money, but this option allows you to see all the sights with a knowledgeable guide and no one else to share it with.

5. Go on a hike from Fira to Oia

Hike the caldera of Santorini
Caldera, Santorini [Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay]
Energetic couples with a sense of adventure can experience a hike along the caldera from Fira to Oia.  Meanwhile, this hike takes between three to five hours and isn’t that difficult. Just make sure you have comfortable walking shoes and carry water for refreshment. Along the way, capture amazing views as part of memories that will last a lifetime.

6. Peer into the crater of an active volcano

Nea Kameni crater
Nea Kameni crater [Image Wikimedia Commons]
For a truly exciting adventure on a honeymoon, catch a boat ride to Nea Kameni, Santorini’s neighboring island to enjoy a 20-minute hike up to the crater of an active volcano. Once again, enjoy the amazing, panoramic views of Santorini on the horizon.

7. Try cliff-jumping in Amoudi Bay on Santorini

Amoudi Bay, Santorini
Amoudi Bay [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Those honeymooners with an adventurous streak should head to gorgeous Amoudi Bay, where you can try your hand at cliff jumping into the crystal-clear water. Meanwhile, all the exercise will no doubt build up an appetite, so head to the restaurant close by for a delicious seafood lunch.

8. Take a helicopter ride over Santorini

Helicopter tour of Santorini
Helicopter tour [Image @aegeanvip/Instagram]
While they don’t come cheap, newlyweds should book a helicopter tour over Santorini and the caldera, experiencing the beauty of the island from above. Even better, if you have a visit to Mykonos on your bucket list, combine the trip by taking the helicopter to the island, then enjoying a boat ride back to Santorini to end a perfect day.

9. Browse the titles at Atlantis Books

Atlantis Books, Santorini
Atlantis Books, Santorini [Image @atlantisbooks/Instagram]
For couples that enjoy reading, Atlantic Books in Oia is an absolute must. The bookstore is run by expats and is considered to be one of the best bookstores in the world. Meanwhile, Atlantis Books is hidden away among the whitewashed buildings on the island, and its shelves are stuffed with some of the best literary works by authors such as Leo Tolstoy and Samuel Beckett in English.

10. End the day with an Oia sunset

Sunset in Oia
Oia sunset [Image by Santiago Castellanos from Pixabay]
One of the best ways to end a romantic day in Santorini is to experience a romantic sunset in Oia. This location is renowned for the most beautiful and dramatic sunsets anywhere on the island. Make sure you take a picnic feast and a bottle of wine with you to take full advantage of the evening. This is the best way to celebrate the end of a perfect honeymoon in Santorini, Greece, making memories for your lifetime together.


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