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Explore The Islands Of Greece With Hoper The Helicopter Airline

Hoper offers a helicopter airline to explore the Islands of Greece
Hoper offers a helicopter airline to explore the Islands of Greece [Image by Giuseppe Dio from Pixabay]Image by Giuseppe Dio from Pixabay]
Greece just launched a convenient method of exploring its iconic islands, while also making the journey a lot of fun. Launched in June of 2024, Hoper is the first and only helicopter airline, offering travelers the chance to hop between 11 of the country’s island destinations.

First helicopter company in Greece to offer island hopping

Helicopter airline takes travelers island-hopping in Greece
Aerial view [Image hoper on Facebook]
Since June, Hoper offers convenient daily flights to 11 remote locations of the Greek, Aegean islands. The helicopters operate fixed routes and have scheduled departure times and can reach each of the island destinations in under 45 minutes. This goes to significantly reduce travel time for tourists while making the journey easy and fun.

Hoper was founded by Greek entrepreneurs Dimitris Memos, George Papaioannidis and Costas Gerardo. Meanwhile, the company is working to revolutionize air transport within Greece. Prior to Hoper’s existence, ferries were the preferred way to explore the far-flung islands. However, helicopter fights are a luxurious and fast alternative.

Speaking of the new helicopter airline, Dimitris Memos, Hoper’s CEO said in a statement:

With Hoper, we turn hours into minutes, and travelers earn up to a full day of vacation. It is a new, unique travel experience that makes the beauties of Greece more accessible.

About the helicopter service

Helicopter airline takes travelers island-hopping in Greece
View from above [Image hoper on Facebook]
Hoper features five Robinson R44 and R66 helicopters and operates an island-hopping service all year round. The helicopters mostly take off from Hoper’s base in Koropi, Athens, a short, 15-minute drive from the city’s international airport. However, some also take off from Mykonos, Santorini and other popular islands

Travelers can book either one-way or round-trip flights but also have access to chartered fights on a request basis. Meanwhile, each of the helicopters seats from three to four passengers.

Among Hoper’s summer schedule are flights to Folegandros, Antiparos, Ios, Patmos and more. Meanwhile, one-way tickets start at $172, depending on the island destination. Meanwhile, a 42-minute from Athens to Tinos in August costs $408, while the equivalent ferry journey takes four hours and costs $38. Moreover, a private helicopter flight booked through Santorini Day Tours starts at $3,220.

Helicopter airline takes travelers island-hopping in Greece
Boarding a Hoper helicopter [Image hoper on Facebook]
Hoper CCO Dimitris Kossyfas said:

We focus on affordability and making helicopter travel more accessible to a wider range of passengers. Hoper allows passengers to book flights and individual seats without having to charter an entire helicopter.

New helicopter destinations later in 2024

Helicopter airline takes travelers island-hopping in Greece
View from a helicopter [Image hoper on Facebook]
Looking ahead, Hoper plans to add more destinations on mainland Greece later this year, improving the chance to travel throughout the country. According to Greece’s Minister of Tourism, Olga Kefalogianni describes the new service as “a unique step without precedent” for tourism.

Reportedly, the company was formed after one of the founders almost missed a friend’s website. According to Hoper’s website, “Rushing from Athens to a close friend’s wedding in Patmos was more than just a race against time and travel complexities for Hoper’s founder; it sparked a revelation. Why isn’t the swift ease of helicopter travel an option for everyone?”

Meanwhile, the website also reads:

Greece, whether for leisure or business travel, was calling for a service that could blend speed with accessibility. And a bit of fun.

Readers can find more information on Hoper’s official website here.






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