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Experience The Best Train Journeys In Europe For 2024

Train journeys with OBB Nightjet
Train journeys with OBB Nightjet [Image by Florian Kropshofer from Pixabay]
In recent years, Europe has been building on its rail connections and services, offering some of the best new train journeys in 2024. Whether people prefer high-speed rail travel or comfortable sleeper trains, the option continues to be better for the environment than flying. Each year in December, the latest new rail options are announced for the coming year. Read on to learn about the new train journeys travelers can enjoy in Europe next year.

Enjoy the best new European train journeys in 2024

OBB Nightjet between Berlin and Paris

OBB Nightjet sleeper trains
OBB Nightjet sleeper trains [Image by atimedia from Pixabay]
After a break of several years, a night train has once again launched to connect the German and French capitals. Meanwhile, it is the only direct rail connection between Berlin and Paris. OBB (Austrian Railways) launched the service in early December under its Nightjet services. Initially, the overnight service will run three times a week, both ways, with the likelihood of it becoming a nightly service by the end of next year.

OBB Nightjet – train journeys between Hamburg and Vienna and Innsbruck

Hamburg, Germany
Hamburg, Germany [Image by Reinhold Silbermann from Pixabay]
While passengers have been able to catch night trains from Hamburg to Austria, this service has been improved from December 2023. Now, travelers can catch the OBB Nightjet trains, with their sleek interiors, mini-cabins for solo travelers, technical options and showers and bathrooms in each sleeping compartment. This option is currently the best to explore these iconic and exciting cities.

Renfe AVE – between Madrid and Oviedo

Renfe AVE train, Spain
Renfe AVE train [Image by vlada11 from Pixabay]
When looking at high-speed trains, Spain is currently leading the pack following a huge infrastructure project. A new high-speed service is now offered between the country’s capital, Madrid and Oviedo in the beautiful Asturias region. After enjoying everything that Madrid has to offer, hop on board to zoom through many tunnels to the beautiful cathedral city of Oviedo, with its gastronomic delights, tasty cider and quaint, atmospheric streets.

European Sleeper – between Brussels and Prague

European Sleeper night trains
European Sleeper night trains [Image @europeansleeper/Instagram]
Opened last summer, European Sleeper is a new, night train service that is really taking off. Since its launch, its service is expanding including a new connection as part of its Brussels to Berlin night train to Prague. The new train journeys will launch on March 25, 2024, and will run three times a week taking passengers on their journey in comfort.

Rail Europe – night train journeys between Munich and Warsaw

Rail Europe
Rail Europe [Image @raileurope/Instagram]
Launched by Rail Europe, this night train takes passengers from Munich into Austria, before curling off towards Poland. This gives travelers the opportunity to make stops at some of the best tourist destinations, including Krakow and Salzburg. Meanwhile, it also provides a key link for travelers wishing to explore Central Europe.

Eurail – rail connection between Amsterdam and Berlin

Eurail train journeys [Image @eurail/Instagram]
There has long been a rail connection between Amsterdam and Berlin, but these days, the short time to travel between the two cities will be popular in 2024. Due to various technological advances, 30 minutes have been shaved off these train journeys. In 2024, the Eurail journey will take five hours and fifty-two minutes, instead of the previous six hours and twenty minutes. When factoring in such things as check-ins and transport to outlying airports, these train journeys compare very favorably with flying.

Experience the best train journeys in Europe in 2024, enjoying the journey while cutting back on your carbon footprint.


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