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A Brief Tour Of Magical Kefalonia In The Ionian Islands Of Greece

Assos in Kefalonia, Greece
Assos in Kefalonia [Image by Nina Evensen from Pixabay]
Travelers looking for a magical Greek Island will find it in Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island in Greece. Among its lovely landscapes are Mediterranean oak forests, wild meadows, vineyards and pretty sandy coves. Meanwhile, the beaches overlook crystal-clear turquoise waters, perfect for swimming or diving. The island’s pretty villages are welcoming, where visitors can enjoy the local cuisine. Tragically, much of Kefalonia’s historic Venetian architecture was razed by an earthquake in 1953. However, villages like Fiskardo and Assos still retain their Italianate good looks. Read on to find out some of the best reasons for a vacation on this lovely Greek Island.

Kefalonia’s villages in brief

Fiskardo in Kefalonia````
Fiskardo in Kefalonia [Image Wikimedia Commons]
One of the most popular villages on the island is Fiscardo, with its busy marina and pretty setting. However, neighboring Assos is perfect for those seeking a quieter alternative. Meanwhile, Argostoli is Kefalonia’s capital and hosts the airport and Sami and Poros feature the ports of the island.

Melissani Lake, Sami, Kefalonia

Melissani Lake
Melissani Lake [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Sami offers two spectacular geological attractions, located close to each other. One is Melissani Lake, which is named for the nymph Melissanthia after archaeologists found depictions of the nymph and the god Pan in the area. The lake was discovered following excavations in 1951 and 1962.

The reason for only finding the lake at that time is that it was created many years ago when an underground cavern collapsed, leaving a massive circular opening to the surface. Visit here on sunny days, between 11 am and 1 pm to see Melissani Lake turn a spectacular and otherworldly blue.

Drogarati Cave, Sami

Drogarati Cave, Sami, Kefalonia
Drogarati Cave, Sami [Image Wikimedia Commons]
The second fascinating attraction lies a short distance away from the lake. An entrance to Drogarati Cave opened some 300 years ago during an earthquake. However, it was only officially opened to the public in 1963.

While the cave’s interior features striking stalagmites and stalactites, the largest room is the best known and has been given the name “Sala of Apotheosis.” Due to its excellent acoustics, the 10,000 sq ft cave is regularly used for music concerts.

Diving in Kefalonia

Diving in Kefalonia
Diving [Image Wikimedia Commons]
The island’s unusual geological formations have made Kefalonia a popular diving destination. This is especially so with the underwater caves and beautiful reefs on the island’s coastline. Meanwhile, several diving centers have been opened on the island, offering courses and diving tours in the Ionian Sea. Meanwhile, divers can also explore the beautiful Melissani Lake in Sami, mentioned above.

Adventure activities on the island

Windsurfing Lixouri peninsula
Windsurfing [Image Wallpaperflare]
A number of Kefalonia’s beaches, including Antisamos and Xi, feature water sports centers where many activities can be enjoyed. However, for paragliding and windsurfing, the Lixouri peninsula on the island is ideal.

For those who prefer ground-based adventures, like hiking, many of the old footpaths on the island have been clearly signposted. By following the trails, hikers can visit monasteries, Medieval castles, pretty mountain villages and secluded beaches.

Explore Kefalonia on your next Greek vacation, experiencing the beautiful landscapes, beaches, geological formations and more.


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