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Atlas Ocean Voyages: Cruise The Mediterranean To Formula 1 Grand Prix

Sail with Atlas Ocean Voyages in the Mediterranean to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
Sail with Atlas Ocean Voyages in the Mediterranean to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix [Image by Peter Fischer from Pixabay]

Cruising fans who also love the Formula 1 Grand Prix have a special treat in store in 2024. It turns out they can experience a luxurious cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages, heading along the coast of France and Italy, which is great in itself. However, cruises on this new itinerary will end up sitting in a front-row seat at the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. Read on to find out more about this exciting itinerary.

Atlas Ocean Voyages Mediterranean Cruise ends with a Formula 1 race

Cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages to Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
[Image Atlas Ocean Voyages on Facebook]
Anyone still looking for a worthy cruise to book this year should consider this new itinerary from Global Travel Collection. It features an 8-day sailing with Atlas Ocean Voyages, heading along the coast of France and Italy and ending with a unique stopover.

After enjoying the cruise on the cruise line’s newest luxury yacht, World Traveler, guests will then get a front-row seat to watch the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. Meanwhile, Global Travel Collection, the luxury arm of the Internova Travel Group revealed this exciting new itinerary this week.

About the luxury yacht cruise

Luxury cruise
[Image Atlas Ocean Voyages on Facebook]
The cruise sets sail from May 20-27, 2024, on Atlas Ocean Voyages’ newest luxury yacht, World Traveler. Leaving from Nice in France, the 196-guest luxury yacht heads on to Antibes and Saint-Tropez. Moreover, the World Traveler will then cross the Mediterranean. It will then visit ports in Italy, including Livorno, Portovenere and Portofino.

On May 26, after an enjoyable Mediterranean cruise, the ship will dock in Menton, France, on the race day, just a 20-minute ride from Monaco. Once at the Formula 1 racetrack, guests will be treated to a full gourmet lunch with Champagne and wine. They will then enjoy a question-and-answer session with a former Formula 1 driver. Moreover, guests can have fun on a car simulator, or enjoy a chair massage or nail treatment, all backed by a live band.

But that isn’t all, as cruise guests will be able to watch the race in a VIP Spectators’ venue set in the historic Princess Grace Dance Academy.

‘Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity’

Speaking of the unique itinerary, Angie Licea, President of Global Travel Collection, said in a statement:

This extraordinary journey is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity only available for customers who book with a Global Travel Collection travel advisor. We provide our advisors with the tools and travel products to help establish strong relationships with their clients through exclusive travel experiences. The Atlas Ocean Voyages Grand Prix experience is just that.

Other cruise news

Atlas Ocean Voyages welcomes World Voyager to its fleet of yachts
Cruising the Arctic [Image Atlas Ocean Voyages/Facebook]
In other news relating to Atlas Ocean Voyages, the luxury cruise line is launching its 2024 Arctic Season this summer. Two yachts, the World Traveler and World Navigator, will head to the region to explore Iceland, Norway and Greenland for the first time.

The cruise line offers a choice of 9-night to 12-night Arctic expeditions along the Norwegian coast, visiting Svalbard, Greenland and Iceland. Moreover, departure dates are August 5, August 15, August 21, August 25, September 1 and September 6.

Experience a unique cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages this year, heading to the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, or on a true adventure in the Arctic.


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