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Vacation Alone: Best Destinations For Solo Travelers In 2024

Solo traveler on vacation alone
Solo traveler on vacation alone [Image by Vinit Kumar from Pixabay]
While many of us have been doing it for years, solo travel is becoming a big tourist trend, with solo travelers looking for the best destinations. Whether seeking culture and history, idyllic beaches, or artsy places the world offers many great locations. Here, we look at three of the best destinations for solo travelers.

Best destinations for solo travelers in 2024

There are many reasons for being a solo traveler, including getting to spend time doing what you like most. It also offers the opportunity to explore the location without having to coordinate schedules with family or friends. Meanwhile, many such destinations offer activities and safety for those traveling alone. Here are five of the best destinations for solo travelers from around the world.

Solo travelers visit Norway

Solo travelers in Norway
Vacation alone in Norway [Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay]
Norway offers adventurous solo travelers a natural paradise with some of the best landscapes and stunning fjords. There are also magnificent treks to enjoy including the Valley of the Waterfalls and the striking landscape of the Folgefonna glacier.

Many tour companies in Norway offer excellent solo travel tours to suit everyone, including a personalized experience, perfect for those traveling alone. Among them are The Adventure People, Nordic Visitor, and Hurtigruten Expeditions. Meanwhile, the Norwegians are a friendly bunch that will offer the best tips for traveling in their country, including the spectacular Northern Lights.

Vacation alone in Tokyo, Japan

Solo travel in Japan
Solo travel in Tokyo, Japan [Image by Sofia Terzoni from Pixabay]
Japan’s capital, Tokyo is a sprawling and bustling city and perfect as a destination for solo travelers. Despite its large population, the city is known for its safety and also boasts an excellent public transport system. Moreover, Tokyo has added more multilingual signs in recent years, making it easy to navigate. However, it is still recommended to download a translation app.

Travelers can explore the city’s many historic temples, museums and gardens. Instagram users will find Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate) and Sensoji are both great spots for photography. Meanwhile, solo travelers should grab great souvenirs from Nakamise-dori, a street approaching Sensoji with its 90 shops.

Solo travel to Perth, Australia

Vacation alone in Perth, Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia [Image by Rosie Hayes from Pixabay]
Perth is the capital of Western Australia and one of the most popular destinations with tourists. One reason is that it makes visiting easy and convenient by featuring free public Wi-Fi, free information kiosks and free hop-on/hop-off CAT buses.

Meanwhile, Perth enjoys fabulous weather, ideal for visiting Kings Park, an area of walking trails and pristine nature in the heart of the city. One of the best times to visit is at sunrise or sunset to catch the gorgeous views of the city’s skyline, the Swan River and the Darling Ranges. Moreover, the white-sand beaches are perfect to chill out in the sun. Alternatively, take a tour of Rottnest Island to get out of the busy city.

Experience solo travel on a vacation alone in one of these three, highly recommended destinations. Watch this space for more locations.

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