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Explore The Best Caribbean Destinations For Those Who Love The Beach

Best beaches in the Caribbean
Caribbean beaches [Image by grebmot from Pixabay]
The Caribbean is a marvelous place to discover idyllic beaches, but there are so many to choose from. How can you decide which is the best for clean sandy beaches, crystal-clear water and waving palm trees? These three Caribbean destinations offer some of the best beaches out there. Read on to find out more and start making plans for your beach vacation.

1. Beautiful Barbados in the Caribbean

Bridgetown harbor, Barbados
Bridgetown harbor [Image by Scott S. Bateman from Pixabay]
Nestling in the eastern Caribbean, Barbados is the first suggestion. Its capital is Bridgetown, a popular cruise ship port full of pretty colonial buildings. The island is hemmed by gorgeous, white-sand beaches overlooking crystal-clear turquoise water. Meanwhile, there is a choice of beaches to suit all moods. You can choose a busy, tourist location with all amenities or a quieter strip of sand. Here we take a look at three excellent beaches and what is available there.

– Carlisle Bay, Barbados, Caribbean

The beautiful Carlisle Bay offers three public beaches, namely, Brownes Beach, Bayshore Beach and Pebble Beach. All three are backed by palm trees and green spaces with picnic tables. Meanwhile, Pebble Beach also features convenient showers and toilets, making it perfect for the kids.

– Crane Beach, Barbados

Crane Beach, Barbados
Crane Beach, Barbados

Located in a spectacular setting, Crane Beach is backed by craggy cliffs with a hotel on the top looking down to the beach. Comfortable beach chairs are available and waiting for sun worshippers. Depending on the time of year, the waves can get quite big at Crane Beach, making it a great location for boogie boarding or surfing.

– Bottom Bay Beach

Located close to Crane Beach, Bottom Bay Beach can be accessed by a stairway carved into the solid rock. The beach itself is gorgeous and backed by palm trees, with the protection of the cliffs on three sides. Bear in mind, at the end of your day at the beach, you have to climb that stairway to the top.

– Rockley Beach (AKA Accra Beach)

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Rockley Beach is a crescent of white sand, backed by casuarinas trees and sea grapes. Meanwhile, with its warm, shallow Caribbean waters, this beach is perfect for families with children. Close by, you’ll find kiosks sell food and cold drinks. Moreover, boogie boards and surfboards are on hire here, as well as Sunfish sailboats and Hobie Cats. This small beach is just made for fun in Barbados.

2. Beaches of Antigua and Barbuda

Next, we look at Antigua and Barbuda, an independent, Commonwealth country featuring the two main islands, as well as several smaller isles. Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda is located at the meeting point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Both islands feature reef-lined beaches, ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling, as well as rainforests and resorts. Here we look at the best beaches on the two islands.

– Antigua beaches, Caribbean Sea

Antigua beach
View of Antigua beach [Image by photosforyou from Pixabay]
Antigua’s best beaches line the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea. Among them, Runaway Bay and Dickenson Bay lie on the northwest coast, hosting a true resort experience. Moreover, Dickenson Bay is renowned for its lively nightlife.

For a quiet beach experience, head to Doigs and other beaches in Rendezvous Bay. These stretches of sand are only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles or footpaths, keeping the crowds away. Meanwhile, Long Bay is an excellent beach for families, as the area is totally protected by its reef. Moreover, Half Moon Bay, located on the east coast, is known to be one of the best beaches in the world and is also a National Park.

– Barbuda beaches

Barbuda beaches
Barbuda, Caribbean [Image by Toni Paul from Pixabay]
As for Barbuda, these beaches are a tantalizing mix of white sand and striking pink sand beaches. Meanwhile, all these beaches are wonderfully quiet and protected by the reef. Each offers a rich marine life environment, perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing.

– Pink Sand Beach

Barbuda Pink Sand Beach
Pink Sand Beach [Image Wikimedia Commons]
This idyllic beach features beautiful pink sand, caused by the types of shells deposited by the waves. Admittedly, the beach isn’t comfortable to stroll with bare feet or to lie on, but there are a number of softer, sandy spots close by.

– Princess Diana Beach

As can be gleaned from the name, the late Princess Diana often visited this beach in the past. This is due to the fact that the crescent-shaped beach is secluded and ideal for adults and families. Lying on this beach will almost make you feel like royalty.

– Two Foot Bay

For more adventurous souls, Two Foot Bay is a gorgeous stretch of sand offering access to various caves. A visit to the cave reveals prehistoric petroglyphs inside and as the beach is east-facing, it is perfect for watching the sunrise.

The beaches of St. Lucia, Caribbean

Beach in St. Lucia, Caribbean
Rodney Bay, St. Lucia [Image by kfw1018 from Pixabay]
Gorgeous St. Lucia features a mountainous landscape, lined with idyllic beaches and coves. This makes it the ideal destination for someone seeking a tropical haven in the eastern Caribbean. Meanwhile, one side of St. Lucia overlooks the Caribbean Sea, with vistas of the Piton Mountains, while the Atlantic side features secluded and beautiful stretches of sand, along with more lively, popular beaches.

– Reduit Beach on Rodney Bay

Reduit Beach is a popular destination, nestling on the northwestern shore of Rodney Bay. Relax on the clean, five-mile stretch of sand, overlooking Pigeon Island National Landmark.

– Sugar Beach (Jalousie Beach)

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Sugar Beach, also known as Jalousie Beach is considered one of the best in the Caribbean and its white sand is backed by the iconic Piton Mountains. Located south of Soufriere, the beach is popular with visitors and locals alike. Meanwhile, the rich marine world here attracts snorkeling and scuba diving enthusiasts, due to its 1,000-ft drop down from the base of the mountains.

– Marigot Bay

Marigot Bay, St. Lucia
Marigot Bay, St. Lucia [Image by Viola from Pixabay]
Located in the west of St. Lucia, the sheltered Marigot Bay offers a variety of beaches. There is a choice of being close to the lively harbor with its restaurants and beach bars, or in a quieter spot to enjoy peace and seclusion.

Meanwhile, in a sheltered bay on the western side of the island is a secluded stretch of sand, known as a film set for many movies.

Get ready for your vacation and choose one of these spectacular stretches of sand in the Caribbean.


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