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Experience A Caribbean Adventure In Barbados

Barbados adventure
Have an adventure in Barbados [Image by Sylvain Bigras from Pixabay]
Barbados offers everything you would expect from a Caribbean vacation and more, including many adventure activities. When many travelers head here, they are seeking nothing more than to relax on the beach in the sun. However, adventure is to be had on the island, surrounded by beautiful scenery and with a cooling drink at the end of the day. What with a dive in a submarine, hiking in nature, a jeep safari tour, golf options and exploring wildlife, Barbados has something for all.

Head beneath the waves in the Atlantis

Atlantis Submarines, Barbados
Atlantis Submarines [Image @atlantissubmarinesbarbados/Instagram]
While Barbados has many excellent sites for snorkeling or scuba diving, not everyone wants to get that involved. For those who wish to go under the water without getting wet, the Atlantis Submarine is the perfect solution. Climb onboard and then dive 150 feet down to the depths. While sitting in comfort, you can then see old shipwrecks, plenty of fish swimming in colorful coral reefs and more. Bear in mind that you need to make reservations in advance during the busy season as the mini-sub can only hold 48 passengers.

Go for a hike in Barbados

Xtreme Hikers Barbados
Xtreme Hikers Barbados [Image @xtremehikersbarbados/Instagram]
The beautiful island of Barbados is ideal for a hiking adventure, where you can see colorful plant species, birds, and so much more. One option is an educational hike with the Barbados National Trust where you can learn more about the island and its history. For those with more stamina, Xtreme Hikers Barbados offers a four-hour-long hike to Bath Beach and Culpepper Island. Whichever you choose, keep your clothing light and cool, wear comfortable walking shoes and a hat, and carry water.

Experience a jeep safari tour

Jeep safari tours in Barbados
Jeep safari [Image @islandroutes/Instagram]
Take off on a jeep safari tour through nature in Barbados with a knowledgeable guide. Along the way, learn about the history of the Caribbean Island on an off-road tour. Freshen up along the way as the jeep stops in places like Little Bay in St. Lucy, Bathsheba, or Edge Cliff in St. John, then end off the enjoyable journey with a buffet lunch. Meanwhile, besides jeep tours, Island Routes also offers sunset cruises, yacht trips and even a Barbados Historical Rum Tour where you get to sample the wares.

Tee off in Barbados

Have an adventure playing golf in Barbados
Golf in Barbados [Image by Colleen Inniss-Gittens from Pixabay]
For keen golfers, the island has five PGA standard golf courses to choose from. Try out the 18-hole Apes Hill Golf Course in St. Peter, or head to the Barbados Golf Club in Christ Church. Meanwhile, St. James hosts several 72-par golf courses, including Sandy Lane Country Club or Sandy Lane Green Monkey.

Explore the wildlife

Green monkey
Green monkey Barbados [Image Jorge Quinteros/Flickr]
The Barbados Wildlife Reserve in St. Peter’s Parish is an adventure for the whole family. While exploring the four-acre reserve you are sure to see green monkeys, colorful macaws, pink flamingoes and more. All the wildlife roams free in its natural habitat, so expect to also see iguanas, peacocks, brocket deer, endangered turtles and the occasional snapping caiman. If you can make a point of visiting at 2 pm at the wildlife’s feeding time, which is plenty of fun. Also, besides nature, you will also have access to Grenade Hall nearby. This is an old signal station from the 1800s and is very interesting to explore.

Find out about more adventure options on the Caribbean island of Barbados from the official tourism website here.


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