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Best Ocean Activities On An Adventure Vacation In Stunning Costa Rica

Rent a kayak
Rent a kayak in Costa Rica [Image by Lori Jeremiason from Pixabay]
In recent years, travelers have caught on to Costa Rica’s potential as a vacation destination. Nature lovers, particularly, are impressed with its diverse ecosystem and the care the country is taking to protect this. In fact, the country is one of the most developed nations in Central America and a true ecotourism destination. With its rainforests, beaches and volcanoes, the country is teeming with wildlife, including sloths, spider monkeys, quetzal birds and toucans. In fact, around a quarter of Costa Rica is a protected jungle, just waiting to be explored, along with its historic cities. However, here we briefly explore some of the best things to do in and on the ocean on a vacation in the Central American nation.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Scuba diving in Costa Rica
Scuba diving in Costa Rica [Image by FIRST online from Pixabay]
With its crystal-clear waters, Costa Rica is ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. What makes this even better is that the country lies on both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans, giving it a different mix of marine life. In fact, there are amazing dive sites all around the Central American country.

Meanwhile, some of the best places for scuba diving include the Gulf of Papayago, Las Catalina Islands, Cahuita National Park, Bat Islands and Cano Island. Of interest to note, for those without a diving certification, some of the scuba dive centers offer introductory “discovery tours.” Once you start, you will be hooked.

Surfing the waves

Surfing in Costa Rica [Image by Antonio Cansino from Pixabay]
Besides its amazing nature, Costa Rica also offers some of the best waves in Central America. This has led to surfers, including professionals, heading to the Latin American country to try out its best surfing spots. Meanwhile, besides attracting those professionals, it is also ideal for newbies to try their hand out on the waves. Moreover, this welcoming country offers year-round waves and warm water.

Some of the most popular locations for surfing in Costa Rica are as follows:

Surfing at Jaco Beach, Costa Rica
Sunset surfing at Jaco Beach [Image by Allan Solís from Pixabay]
  • Central Pacific Coast Hermosa Beach
  • Central Pacific Coast Jaco Beach
  • Guanacaste Tamarindo Beach
  • Manuel Antonio Espadilla Beach
  • South Pacific Coast Dominical Beach

Enjoy a sunset, diving, or whale-watching cruise in Costa Rica

Samara Adventures in Costa Rica
Samara Adventures [Image @samaraadventures/Instagram]
One of the most romantic activities for couples in Costa Rica is going on a sunset cruise. Meanwhile, cruises are also fun for the whole family, watching the sun go down on the ocean and the stars coming out.

Moreover, daytime cruises are always fun and can be combined with snorkeling or scuba diving. Alternatively, watching out for dolphins, whales and flying fish is also an adventure for everyone. Choices include the Marlin del Rey in Guanacaste. Alternatively, cruises come recommended from Samara Sea Tours, the Lazy Lizard and the Sea Bird. Meanwhile, kayaks are widely available for rental to paddle around and explore.

Find out more about Costa Rica on the country’s official tourism website. Also, watch this space for land-based adventures available in the Central American nation.

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