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Explore Spain On Horseback With Equestrian Tourism

Equestrian tourism is more than horseback riding
Equestrian tourism in Spain is more than just horseback riding [Image Horse Riding Madrid – Jarahonda on Facebook]
Riding through beautiful landscapes on horseback has been a great choice for many years. However, equestrian tourism is so much more than that. In recent years tour companies across Spain are developing the type of tourism where you can enjoy visiting regions of great natural beauty and historic value accompanied by one of the noblest animals. Read on to find out more about exploring the Sierra de Guadarrama on horseback.

Equestrian tourism in the Sierra de Guadarrama

Equestrian tourism in Spain
Horseback riding in Spain [Image Horse Riding Madrid – Jarahonda on Facebook]
Exploring beautiful landscapes on horseback, and enjoying the fresh air is a wonderful option, especially with the pleasant weather experienced in Spain. However, according to experts, horseback riding has many physical and psychological benefits. The sport improves balance and neuromotor coordination, and body posture and strengthens the body’s musculature. Moreover, horseback riding also raises awareness of respect towards both animals and nature.

The Club Deportivo Jarahonda offers a wide range of horseback experiences for all ages and levels of skill in the Parque Nacional de Guararrama in Madrid. Located 28 miles from the city, this option offers everything necessary for those seeking an unforgettable day in nature.

This area of Spain offers incredible landscapes up in the mountains but is also close to cultural sites like Segovia or San Lorenzo de El Escorial. The club has planned routes through nature with equestrian tourism professionals. However, it should be noted that the club isn’t an equestrian center as such. It doesn’t have stables, or dressage arenas as such. It consists of a group of enthusiasts who have sporting experience after having great success in equestrian competitions.

History and nature on horseback

Horseback riding in Spain
Horseback riding in Spain [Image Horse Riding Madrid – Jarahonda on Facebook]
Travelers wishing to participate in equestrian tourism can enjoy short or long horseback riding routes. These range from two hours for beginners, to six or seven hours for more skilled riders. For those seeking a truly immersive experience in a natural setting, the longer routes are the most attractive and can take as much as two days on the trail.

One example is the Puerto de la Fuenfría route, leaving Navacerrada towards Valsain (Segovia). The route crosses the pass in the Parque Nacional de Guadarrama, taking riders through the mountain range between the provinces of Segovia and Madrid. Along the way, the trail crosses the Roman road known as “Carretera de la Republica,” along the forest track of La Calle Alta and other trails in nearby mountains.

The Spanish kings originally used Carretera de la Republica to travel from Madrid to Segovia, which was restored during the Second Spanish Republic (1931 to 1939) to create a route between the two cities. Of interest to note, Ernest Hemingway mentions the trail in his classic book For Whom the Bell Tolls.

According to Sur in English, horseback riders then continue to Valsain, where King Felipe II built the palace known as Casa del Bosque, where riders can spend the night before returning the next morning.

However, long routes don’t only run through the Madrid mountains. Other equestrian tourism routes head through Los Montes Universales (Sierra de Albarracin), through the Reserva Natural de Saja (Cantabria) and a route taken by Emperor Carlos V on his journey to the Monasterio de Yuste where he spent his last years. Here, the town of Barco de Avila, in the Sierra de Gredos, can be visited.

Equestrian tourism and the stars

Equestrian tourism
Equestrian tourism [Image Horse Riding Madrid – Jarahonda on Facebook]
While history isn’t for everyone, another experience takes horseback riders on nighttime routes to the best places for star-watching in the Spanish skies. The Sierra de Guadarrama offers several equestrian centers for this option, including riding trails offered by hipicapradosmonteros.com or losciruelos.es.

Besides star gazing, the experience offers a fun dinner under those night skies with guides to help identify the stars and look after the horses.


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