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Hotel Belmar Supports LGBTQI+ Community With 2024 Live & Proud Events

Hotel Belmar in Monteverde, Costa Rica supports the LGBTQI+ community
Hotel Belmar in Monteverde, Costa Rica supports the LGBTQI+ community [Image Hotel Belmar on Facebook]
Located in the lush cloud forest and mountaintops of the Monteverde Reserve in Costa Rica, Hotel Belmar is excited to support the LGBTQI+ community this summer by offering 2024 Live & Proud events. Meanwhile, on June 22, the hotel invites visitors to participate in the LGBTQI+ workshop titled “LGBTQI+ Social Activism, Empowerment and Leadership in Rural Communities. Read on to find out more about the event and Hotel Belmar.

Hotel Belmar in Costa Rica celebrates the LGBTQI+ community

Views from Hotel Belmar
Costa Rica views in Monteverde [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
On June 22, Hotel Belmar will celebrate the LGBTQI+ community and invite visitors to participate in a workshop titled, “LGBTQI+ Social Activism, Empowerment and Leadership In Rural Communities. While the hotel supports the LGBTQI+ community all year round, this event will focus on queer movements that have thrived outside of traditional urban centers.

The event will also offer a general presentation of LGBTQI+ history, and during the events and throughout June will donate 10 percent of every craft beer sold at Hotel Belmar to Monteverde Diverso, a local Costa Rican grassroots and advocacy non-profit.

Celebrating in the cloud forests of Monteverde

Forest views
Forest views [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
The hotel nestles in the cloud forests of beautiful Monteverde in Costa Rica and is renowned for its inclusivity and cultural experiences. Moreover, the artist residency at Hotel Belmar draws creative types from around the world, and from all backgrounds to seek inspiration in the beautiful cloud forests of Monteverde.

All year long, the hotel hosts LGBTQI+-themed experiences, inviting queer musicians and guest speakers to be part of the Hotel Belmar experience.

Dining at Hotel Belmar
Dining [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
Earlier in 2024, the hotel collaborated with Monteverde Diverso to celebrate the area’s second edition of its Pride parade. During the event, the hotel’s onsite bar and brewery, Cerveceria Belmar, celebrated with live music, while joining other local events. Moreover, these events feature outdoor cinema and workshops that engage families and the LGBTQI+ community.

Celebrating Pride at Hotel Belmar

Private dining
Private dining [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
Speaking of the event, Hotel Belmar’s Managing Director Pedro Belmar said:

Nature teaches us that diversity fosters strength and resilience. In celebrating Pride, Hotel Belmar is honored to champion equality and inclusion. We believe that a diverse society built on empathy is a catalyst for enriching culture, inspiring art, and strengthening community.

Hotel Belmar picnic
Picnic [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
Meanwhile, during June, Hotel Belmar offers a special 15 percent discount on accommodations to welcome everyone wishing to enjoy the authentic charm of Monteverde and celebrate inclusion and equality. To enjoy this discount, use the code: PRIDE15 when booking.

About Hotel Belmar in Costa Rica

Terrace at Hotel Belmar
Terrace [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
Hotel Belmar is an independent, family-owned luxury eco-lodge in the renowned Monteverde cloud forests highlands of Costa Rica. The hotel’s hospitality has pioneered a model of regenerative tourism that enriches travelers. To do so, Hotel Belmar hosts immersive experiences, fostering connections to nature, holistic wellness and mindful serenity.

Brewery at Hotel Belmar
Craft beers from the brewery [Image courtesy Hotel Belmar]
While the hotel champions the best practices in sustainability and ecotourism, it also stands as Central America’s premier destination for authentic and enriching experiences. Guests here dine on the hotel’s farm-to-table gastronomy and enjoy cultural programs, thematic forest immersions, yoga in the garden, a carbon-neutral farm, and an onsite craft brewery while they enjoy the tranquility of Monteverde’s natural surroundings.

Readers can find more details about the hotel and its LGBTQI+ events on Hotel Belmar’s website.


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