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Top Things To Experience On A Summer Vacation In Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark
Visit Copenhagen in Denmark [Image by Duc Tinh Ngo from Pixabay]
Denmark is a remarkable destination during the winter months, when locals retreat inside their homes. While the country has long, dark winter days, the Danes are known for their “hygge” mentality. This attitude gives them a great sense of comfort and joy during the colder weather. However, when it comes to summer, Denmark transforms into a beautiful destination, with cities to explore, exciting outdoor adventures, idyllic beaches and cultural activities. Read on to find out what Denmark has to offer its visitors in the summer months.

Best things to do in Denmark in summer

While many travelers head to the hot and exotic locations in Spain or Portugal, Denmark also offers a great experience for travelers. Whether seeking adventure, visiting the cobblestone streets of quaint towns, heading to the beach or enjoying cultural activities, this Nordic country has many attractions in summer.

Wonderful Copenhagen

Copenhagen harbor
Copenhagen [Image by Bob from Pixabay]
A first vacation in Denmark must include a visit to its capital, Copenhagen, where modern and historic mix in a unique fashion. Visit Rosenborg Castle, with its gardens for a fairytale adventure, or head to the colorful waterfront area of Nyhavn with its iconic buildings, harbor activities and lively cafés.

Cultural experiences in Denmark

Viking Museum
Viking Museum [Photo: RAA]
Besides visiting the many museums, art galleries and historic landmarks of Copenhagen, also visit Aarhus, the country’s second-largest city. Here, travelers can explore the ARoS Aarhus Art Museum and the quaint Old Town open-air museum. Heading to Roskilde, visit the Viking Ship Museum where well-preserved Viking longships can be seen, and learn more about Denmark’s seafaring past.

Island adventures

Windmill in Bornholm, Denmark
Windmill in Bornholm [Image by Dorothe from Pixabay]
Denmark’s enchanting islands offer a tranquil escape from the busy cities, where travelers can explore the streets of Eroskobing on Ero Island. The town is well known for its well-preserved historic buildings and its scenic, bustling harbor. Moreover, Bornholm offers panoramic landscapes, with its lush forests, rugged cliffs and quaint fishing villages.

Head to the beaches

Head to the beach in Skagen
Skagen [Image by Thomas from Pixabay]
Denmark’s coastline features many idyllic beaches, ideal for sunbathing and enjoying a dip in the North or Baltic Sea. For a unique experience, visitors should head to Skagen in North Jutland, which nestles at the spot where the two oceans meet, creating an unusual natural phenomenon. Meanwhile, the perfect location for beach lovers is Grenen Beach with its golden sands and dunes.

Outdoor activities in Denmark

Mols Bjerge National Park
[Image Nationalpark Mols Bjerge on Facebook]
Denmark’s green countryside and beautiful national parks offer many recreational activities. Take a hike through the gorgeous Mols Bjerge National Park with its wildlife and beautiful views. Meanwhile, travelers can enjoy a cycling adventure on the beautiful routes of Fyn, Denmark’s “Garden Island,” exploring the rolling hills, picturesque coastline and quaint villages.

Foodie paradise

Delicious cuisine in Demark
[Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay]
Naturally, while visiting Denmark it is essential to explore the country’s culinary scene, with everything from fresh seafood dishes to the traditional smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches). Meanwhile, the food markets of Copenhagen are the perfect spots to sample local specialties, including Danish pastries, creamy koldskaal and flaky wienerbrod, washed down by a delicious cup of rich coffee.

Festivities in Denmark

LEGOLAND Billund in Denmark
[Image LEGOLAND Billund on Facebook]
The summer months in Denmark come alive with many events and festivals, celebrating the country’s music, art and culture. One of the best to experience is the Aarhus Festival, with its fascinating mix of performances, culinary delights and exhibitions. Moreover, travelers can experience world-class jazz performances across the city. When traveling with the family, make sure to take the kids to the Legoland Billund Resort.

This is only a brief introduction to all Denmark has to offer visitors. Learn more about the country on its official tourism website here.





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