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National Geographic Lists Top Latin American Destinations On 2024 Cool List

Latin America on the National Geographic 2024 Cool List
Atacama Desert on the National Geographic 2024 Cool List [Image by falco from Pixabay]
Travelers looking for new destinations to add to their bucket lists, National Geographic has revealed its 2024 Cool List, revealing some of the world’s most exciting locations. To tempt travelers, these destinations are in Chile, Peru and Argentina and come out tops for fun and enjoyable vacations. Read on to find the ideal place for next year’s travel bucket list.

Atacama Desert, Chile on the 2024 Cool List

Atacama Desert, Chile
Atacama Desert, Chile [Image by Julian Hacker from Pixabay]
While travelers not in the know might wonder how a desert made the top spots, the Atacama Desert isn’t just an empty wasteland. Here, nature puts on an incredible show in what is dubbed a “super bloom.” This phenomenon sees thousands of flowers sprouting from the harsh, dry ground.

This magnificent desert has received national recognition, with Chile’s government naming the desert a national park to protect this unique ecosystem.

Atacama Desert, Chile
San Pedro de Atacama area of the Atacama Desert [Image by falco from Pixabay]
When visiting this destination, most travelers head to the San Pedro de Atacama area, due to its long list of fun activities. Adventure travelers can enjoy biking, mountaineering, off-roading, sandboarding and paragliding here. For those not seeking adventure, the city features a vibrant downtown center offering unique shops and restaurants serving local cuisine. Moreover, one of the main attractions of the Atacama Desert is its dark skies, offering incredible stargazing.

City break in Lima, Peru

Lima, Peru
Lima, Peru [Image by chanks1965 from Pixabay]
The Peruvian city of Lima also made the 2024 Cool List and it is a worthy choice. Among the many attractions here are the Michelin-starred restaurants serving the delicious local cuisine. Once you get a taste of the local food, you can head to the Miraflores neighborhood to enjoy cooking lessons from the local Peruvian chefs. Among the most delicious items are picarone (a healthy version of donuts) and ceviche. There is also a good selection of museums and art galleries in the city and of course, beaches to enjoy.

Festival in Lima, Peru
Festival in Lima, Peru [Image by Alex Phillc from Pixabay]
While out in the evening, Lima also offers many trendy rooftop bars to socialize with views over the city. Alternatively, head to the Barranco district for its lively nightlife. Try to time your visit to experience one of the fiestas and festivals held in the city, full of color, joy and music.

Iberá Wetlands, Argentina on the 2024 Cool List

Iberá Wetlands, Argentina on the National Geographic 2024 Cool List
Parque Nacional Iberá, Corrientes, Argentina. Fotos: Silvina Frydlewsky / Ministerio de Cultura de la Nacion

Heading back to nature, the Iberá Wetlands in Argentina also drew National Geographic’s eye. This wetland was previously abused by commercial foresting and many years of cattle ranching. However, it has since been transformed into an exotic and lush place, teeming with wildlife and beautiful plant species. There are said to be more than 4,000 animal and plant species on offer in the wetland. Meanwhile, among the wildlife on offer are monkeys, deer, alligators and many bird species.

Iberá Wetlands, Argentina
Marsh deer in Iberá Wetlands [Image by Phillip Capper on Flickr]
As for the name, Iberá comes from the indigenous Guaraní language, with Guaraní language where I–Berá translates to “shining waters.” This is appropriate as a number of indigenous communities have lived here since the 9th century. Moreover, this is a really good sign as overtourism has stripped so many places of their former and authentic beauty.

The Iberá Wetlands are located in the remote, northern tropical area of Corrientes Province. However, it is conveniently accessible by plane from Buenos Aires to the Posada airport.

Make a note on your bucket list to visit one of these three destinations on the 2024 Cool List. Also, visit National Geographic’s website to find more winning locations in the world.


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