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Experience The Magnificent Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park In South Africa

Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park In South Africa
Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park [Image by Marna Buys from Pixabay]
Located in KwaZulu-Natal, inland from the Indian Ocean Coast, the Zulus call this place Ukahlamba, which means “barrier of spears.” Meanwhile, the Voortrekkers named the area the Drakensberg, or “Dragon Mountain.”

These days called the Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park, its spectacular landscapes feature sandstone and basalt crags, standing in the midst of beautiful grasslands, with streams and lakes in between. Read on to find out more about this beautiful part of South Africa and the amazing range of adventures available here.

1. Epic All Out Adventures in Northern Drakensberg

All Out Adventures in the Northern Drakensberg offers a range of fun adventures, including Quad Biking, Kids Quad Biking, Family Quad Trek, Segway Safari, Archery, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Crackshot, and Axe and Knife Throwing. Watch some of the available activities in the video above, and visit the tour operator’s official website for more information. Also available are corporate events to “take the stress out of the workplace.”

2. Mountain biking with Sani Spoors

Mountain biking in the Drakensberg
Mountain biking [Image @sani_spoors/Instagram]
Wherever there are mountains there is a potential mounting biking adventure to be had and Sani Spoors has several. The various mountain biking trails in the Underberg run through pine plantations, farmlands, the open countryside and alongside the Mzimkulu River. Meanwhile, there is something for everyone, with mountain biking trails varying from 3 km (1.9 mi) to 15 km (9.3 mi) depending on available stamina.

3. View Kamberg Rock Art by the San Bushmen

Kamberg Rock Art
San rock art [Image Wikimedia Commons]
Located in Central Drakensberg, Kamberg Rock Art was created by the original San Bushmen hundreds of years ago. Meanwhile, the paintings tell a story of the San Bushmen, their beliefs and mythology in shades of red, orange, black and white. The pigments were taken from their natural surroundings and are still clear today.

In the paintings, you can see the San people’s everyday life, including hunting eland, an animal that makes a regular showing in the paintings. The animals were their main source of food, while their hides clothed the Bushmen. However, while eland comes up tops, there are also depictions of elephants, lions and giraffe. Enjoy a guided tour, taking a 2-3 hour walk through some of Kamberg’s gorgeous scenery in the foothills of the Ukhahlamba Drakensberg Park.

4. Horseback riding in Kamberg Valley

Horseback riding in the Drakensberg
Horseback riding [Image by Cheryl Farrens from Pixabay]
In the same area as the Kamberg Rock Art, Kamberg Valley Horse Riding Trail takes you through the forests and farmlands, viewing wildlife and bird life along the way. This trail is ideal for anyone, from beginners to expert riders. Moreover, riders head out from Sans Souci Farm on one of its beautiful Appaloosas and takes around two hours to complete.

5. Hot Air Balloon rides over Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park

Drakensberg ballooning
Hot air balloon tours [Image @drakensberg_ballooning/Instagram]
One epic way to see all the sights of the Drakensberg is from the air. Drakensberg Ballooning offers scenic hot air balloon flights over Giants Castle in the Southern Drakensberg, to the magnificent Amphitheatre in the Northern Drakensberg. Each balloon ride can take two to 10 passengers and all leave at sunrise.

Try out these epic adventures and more, set in spectacular scenery in Ukahlamba-Drakensberg National Park, in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

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