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Foodies Celebrate Virgin Voyages Eat & Drink Festival 2024

Virgin Voyages Eat & Drink Festival
Virgin Voyages Eat & Drink Festival 2024 [Image Virgin Voyages on Facebook]
A Virgin Voyages foodie event, the Eat & Drink Festival returns in July 2024. Any guests sailing on any of the cruise line’s ships in July will be able to celebrate award-winning dining experiences. Read on to find out more about the returning foodie event and how you can participate.

Virgin Voyages Eat & Drink Festival is back

Coming in July 2024, any guests on board any Virgin Voyages cruise ship will be treated to the cruise line’s Eat & Drink Festival. As it returns, the award-winning event will be enjoyed by any guests on board any of the cruise line’s ships in July.

Eat & Drink Festival 2024
[Image Virgin Voyages on Facebook]
In what sounds like a load of fun, this year’s Eat & Drink Festival will offer two new events. Those guests seeking a late-night meal can explore the first-ever Virgin Voyages Asian Night Mark for delicious treats inspired by markets across Asia. The second is the Seven Seas Sippers event where participants can participate in a cocktail treasure hunt across seven onboard bars.

Throughout the festival, foodies can enjoy new dishes and libations in venues across each Virgin Voyages cruise ship. This will include cooking demonstrations, speakeasies and dinner series among the many experiences for guests

Inspiring dining with no buffet in sight

Foodie event
Foodie festival [Image Virgin Voyages on Facebook]
What makes Virgin Voyages different is that their ships never offer buffet-style dining. Meanwhile, each ship has more than 20 dining venues, offering menus created by Michelin-starred chefs. These include Insa in New York City and Sohui Kim of Gage & Tollner. Moreover, each restaurant focuses on offering a wide range of culinary options to suit every diner. Meanwhile, dining areas are available 24/7.

A couple of notable restaurants include Razzle Dazzle, an American restaurant serving the best comfort foods during the day and by night, transforming into a party of flavors and music. The Wake is a modern steak and seafood restaurant serving delicious dishes from land and sea.

Eat and Drink Festival
[Image Virgin Voyages on Facebook]
Those looking for a Korean take on spicy foods and grilled meats can head to Gunbae. Meanwhile, Pink Agave serves the freshest Mexican flavors, backed by excellent DJ beats.

Other dining venues include the Test Kitchen, an experimental dining venue, Extra Virgin, an Italian-style restaurant and The Pizza Place. Moreover, The Social Club serves hot dogs backed by fun games, Noodle Around, and many more.

Anyone wanting to stay in their cabin can enjoy 24-hour delivery services, guaranteeing the freshest food delivered to their door.

Cocktails around the Virgin Voyages ship

As for enjoying cocktails across the ship, guests can pre-purchase a $100, $200 or $300 bar tab ahead of sailing. This convenient method makes it easy to enjoy a drink and when guests do so, they will receive up to $50 in onboard credit for pre-paying. The Eat & Drink Festival is great all round.

Enjoy an extra treat on your next cruise with Virgin Voyages by booking in July 2024!



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