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4 Best Animal Attractions On The Costa Del Sol For Families

Zebras at Selwo Aventura, Costa del Sol, Spain
Selwo Aventura – one of the animal attractions on the Costa del Sol [Image @selwo_aventura_/Instagram]

The Costa del Sol in Andalucía, southern Spain is renowned for its beaches, restaurants, museums and shops. However, between Malaga City and the coastal town of Estepona, this coastline also features great animal attractions for the whole family. Here we take a look at the four best animal attractions to visit on the Costa del Sol in the summer of 2023.

1. Selwo Marina, Benalmadena, Costa del Sol

Selwo Marina, Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Spain
Visit Selwo Marina – sea lion and penguins [Image @selwo_marina_/Instagram]

Selwo Marina allows the family to get up close with the marine life that lives in the Mediterranean off Spain’s shores and elsewhere in the world. Meanwhile, the attraction holds the “S” Certificate for Sustainable Tourism, as it not only educates people about marine life but also helps with its conservation.

The park has four areas, Antillas, Las Hondonada, Amazonia and Isla de Hielo. Antillas is home to dolphin and sea lion pools where interactive programs are held. Meanwhile, La Hondonada is where the family can enjoy bird and snake shows. As for Amazonia, this small indoor attraction features snakes, lizards, fish, caimans and more. Meanwhile, Isla de Hielo (Island of Ice) is home to the park’s collection of cute penguins, living in a suitable exhibit that mimics their natural habitat. More details and tickets are available on Selwo Marina’s website here.

2. Crocodile Park, Torremolinos

Paco, the largest crocodile in Europe
Paco at the Crocodile Park, Torremolinos [Image @parkcocodrilos/Instagram]

Next on our animal tour of the Costa del Sol we visit the seaside town of Torremolinos, which hosts an amazing crocodile park. Here, the family can visit a variety of crocodiles, alligators and turtles up close and personal, including Paco, the largest crocodile in Europe.

The park offers guided tours in English led by knowledgeable keepers as well as daily shows. Meanwhile, for those who dare, you can hold a baby crocodile and have your photo taken with the scaly beast! Find out more about the Crocodile Park on its official website.

3. Bioparc Fuengirola, Costa del Sol

Giraffe, Bioparc Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain
Bioparc Fuengirola [Image @bioparcfuengirola/Instagram]

Spain’s Bioparcs are a new animal park model, based on respect for nature and preservation of the species. Here in Bioparc Fuengirola, various animals coexist in a recreation of their natural habitat instead of in cages. Meanwhile, visitors can explore the tropical forests of Equatorial Africa, Madagascar, Southeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific Islands. Along the paths of the Bioparc, the natural sounds of each region can be heard.

Moreover, the Bioparc’s design is based on zoo immersion, which literally immerses the family in the animal’s natural environment. Leopards, tigers, chimpanzees, orangutans and many other species live here in harmony and the Bioparc has much success with breeding endangered species. The kids will be thrilled to see a cute baby tiger, orangutan, chimp, gibbon, or more during their visit. Tickets can be purchased online.

4. Selwo Aventura, Estepona

White rhinos and lion in Selwo Aventura, Costa del Sol, Spain
White rhinos and a lion [Image @selwo_aventura_/Instagram]

Further down the Costa del Sol, the coastal town of Estepona hosts Selwo Aventura, which offers a safari experience through different territories of Africa. Here, the family can see African and Asian animals, including lions, giraffes, white rhinos, hippos, cheetahs, Asian elephants, red pandas, and the local Iberian lynx.

Ziwa zip line, Selwo Aventura
Ziwa zip line [Image @selwo_aventura_/Instagram]
The park also offers a range of adventure opportunities, including the Ziwa zip line where braver folk can get a bird’s eye view of the park. Meanwhile, Selwo Aventura offers a range of presentations and educational talks about the various species. One is the Safari Serengeti which takes the family on a tour of the Lakes Reserve in an off-road truck with animal caretakers and biologists.

Meanwhile, the park also features the Hotel Selwo Lodge. This African-inspired accommodation is composed of the Watu, Masai and Zulu Villages for the perfect overnight stay. Find out more about the park on its official website.

Instead of lying on the beach all day, take the whole family to visit the animal attractions of the Costa del Sol this summer. This is a fun experience for parents and children alike.

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