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New Taylor Swift Lyrics Boost Destin, Florida Tourism

On the beach in Destin, Florida - tourism is booming thanks to Taylor Swift and her new album
Beach in Destin, Florida – popular due to Taylor Swift [Image by Jessica G on Flickr]
For those who haven’t heard of Destin, this picturesque coastal gem nestles on Florida’s Emerald Coast. Meanwhile, the city is part of the state’s northern Panhandle that borders the Gulf of Mexico. Moreover, the location is renowned for its beautiful, emerald green waters and idyllic powdery white sand beaches comprised of Appalachian quartz.

Taylor Swift has a major effect on Destin, Florida and tourism

While many are still not aware of this coastal gem, Destin is feeling the effects of being name-dropped by one of the most famous singers in the world. Moreover, the whole Sunshine State is likely to receive a tourism boost, thanks to Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift [Image @taylorswift/Instagram]
Meanwhile, local officials in Destin were quick to recognize the potential economic opportunity presented by Taylor and her fans. In fact, it is common knowledge within the travel industry that, like Midas, anywhere the singer touches almost turns to gold.

Swifties [Image @taylorswift/Instagram]
The US leg of Swift’s Eras Tour alone, which spanned 20 cities over a five-month period, generated some $5 billion in direct spending for the sector. Moreover, her global fans are likely the biggest contributor yet to the gig-tripping trend tourism is experiencing. Meanwhile, with Swifties keen to travel to travel to any city her tour is playing, this can only mean a huge economic boost.

Destin, Florida is ‘super honored’ by Swift’s song

Taylor Swift has nothing to do with the cruise
[Image @taylorswift/Instagram]
Talking to Thrillist, Bobby Wagner, the mayor of Destin said:

We’re super honored to be the only city that was mentioned in her ‘Florida’ song. I think it’s an awesome moody song and we were just very happy and excited to be a part of the T-Swizzle community.

Naturally, we’re trying to reach out to her.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Adams, Tourism Director for Destin-Fort Walton Beach told the outlet how ecstatic her office was of the lyrical mention on the singer’s latest hit album. In fact, the effects are already being felt in Destin. Adams added:

We’ve not only seen more searches on Google, but we’ve had a lot of inquiries into the welcome center. And, lots of locals. Everybody really, really seems very pleased. We’re thrilled.

Overtourism in the making in Destin, Florida?

Taylor Swift song Florida!!! gives major tourism boost to Destin
Taylor Swift song gives major boost to Destin, Florida [Image by Steve Evans on Wikimedia Commons]
Due to this, Wagner and the tourism workers and other public servants in Destin and its neighboring town of Fort Walton Beach are doing their best to capitalize on Destin’s newfound fame. However, there is a question as to how large an impact the small town can comfortably handle.

“Granted, we could never accommodate the amount of people for a tour.” Mayor Wagner said. “I mean, you’d really see a failure of gridlock traffic if we were to try to host a Taylor Swift concert in Destin.”

However, the small beach town is already used to handling a steady influx of tourists. Moreover, Wagner said that 60 percent of the town’s economy is driven by tourism.

Taylor Swift song sells timeshares

Taylor Swift
[Image Taylor Swift on YouTube]

As Swift specifically mentions timeshares down in Destin in her lyrics, local timeshare real estate companies are already capitalizing on the effects of the song. Erin Maloney, General Manager, Club Wyndham Beach Street Cottages, told Thrillist:

Destin is one the country’s great beach destinations and is often overlooked. We’re excited that people will be exploring our community.

However, as with all tourist towns, locals are reacting to the effect of Taylor Swift and her song on Destin. It’s a case of mixed emotions, with some excited at the feedback. However, others are wary of the potential effects of the song and its popularity. More visitors could mean more traffic and potential disruptions for the locals, as well as a strain on the local infrastructure.

Mayor Wagner said that while tourism does tend to create traffic, it is also part of the town’s “lifeline,” adding:

It’s part of the economy and having people come to Destin and visit for whatever they want is where we all make our living. So, it’s a balance and I think the Taylor Swift Army would be great tourists to come check us out.

Moreover, Adams noted that not everyone would need to travel to Destin in the busy summer season. She said travelers might enjoy the beach town better at another time of year. She added that many people travel there in the summer months, but she recommends visiting Destin in the fall or the spring, as the beach is open all year round.

Readers can listen to Taylor Swift’s song, Florida!!! in the video included below.


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