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Taylor Swift Tour Sees Qantas Swap 3 Flights To Airbus A380 Superjumbo Plane

Qantas combined three flights into one on an Airbus A380 for Taylor Swift fans
Qantas combined three flights into one on an Airbus A380 for Taylor Swift fans [Image Qantas on Facebook]

Forget Travis Kelcy, the American football champion – his girlfriend Taylor Swift is the one soaring in popularity right now. Meanwhile, Australian airline Qantas has swapped over three flights from Melbourne to Sydney with its Airbus A380 superjumbo jet. The aircraft is typically used for long-haul international flights, but Qantas needed to provide more seats for Swifties as part of Swift’s ongoing world tour. However, this wasn’t just about Tay-Tay’s popularity, as there are also bad weather issues to consider.

Qantas combines 3 flights on Airbus A380 superjumbo jet for Taylor Swift fans

Airbus A380 at Sydney Airport
Airbus A380 at Sydney Airport [Image Qantas on Facebook]
The massive Airbus A380 superjumbo jets are more likely to handle Qantas long-haul international flights. However, due to the phenomenal demand for people attending Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, along with bad weather warnings, the Australian airline had to make some changes. Qantas instead transported the equivalent of three planes’ worth of passengers in one large aircraft.

Originally, 485 passengers were booked on three flights operated on the narrow-body Boeing 737 model. These are used on the Melbourne to Sydney domestic route, which covers around 540 miles, but this had to change.

Severe storm warning changes flights to Sydney

Airbus A380
Airbus A380 Qantas combined three flights into one on an Airbus A380 for Taylor Swift fans

After a severe storm warning was issued, the number of flights able to land at Sydney’s airport on Friday was restricted. So as not to disappoint the popular singer’s fans, Qantas had to come up with a plan to get those Swifties to their destination on time.

What with the severe weather warning situation, along with the massive demand to transport fans to Sydney the Australian airline was forced to change its flights. The solution was to change the three separate fan flights on a Boeing 737 to one special bumper flight on the massive, double-decker Airbus A380. Heaven forbid that Taylor’s fans wouldn’t get to the city on time for their concert.

About the Qantas Airbus A380

Qantas did admit that the timing of their original three flights didn’t suggest that all passengers were traveling for Swift’s concert. However, other flights had been so full of Swifties, that it would have been impossible to find seats for all the displaced passengers on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney.

[Image Qantas on Facebook]
Normally, the massive Airbus A380 is only used for long-haul flights to destinations like London, Los Angeles and Singapore. However, according to Business Insider, the airline always keeps on available on standby.

That turned out to be a good idea, as, following a late departure on Friday, Flight 7168 on the Qantas Airbus A380 was only in the air for around one hour on the domestic route. However, the next day, the same plane did make a 13-hour trip to Los Angeles.

Since Taylor Swift’s popular Eras Tour kicked off, tickets have been selling out fast. This resulted in huge travel demand but has also boosted local economies along the way. One example is Swift’s show in Cardiff, Wales, where she is only performing in June, but hotel rooms are already booked for $230 over the usual hotel tariffs.

Readers, are you attending a concert on Swift’s Eras Tour and in which country will you experience it? Let us know by dropping a comment below.


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