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Best Destinations In Europe For A Winter City Break

Enjoy a winter city break in Europe
City break in Europe – modern Vienna, Austria [Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay]
Is winter a good time for a European city break? We think so, as some destinations are even more beautiful in the winter months. Meanwhile, with the holidays and New Year behind us, everywhere is quieter, with fewer tourists and has returned to its everyday culture. This gives visitors a new look at those popular destinations while enjoying all the winter dishes on offer in the many restaurants. Also, bear in mind, mulled wine and hot chocolate aren’t only served at Christmas!

Winter in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia for a winter city break
City break in Tallin, Estonia [Image by Antonio from Pixabay]
Nestling on the Baltic Sea, Tallinn in Estonia is a remarkable city to visit at any time of the year. This charming city offers one of the best-preserved historical centers in Europe, with many of its merchant houses and medieval churches under UNESCO protection. Visitors can enjoy perfect views of the historic center from the turreted Toompea Castle and Cathedral, which can look even prettier under a light layer of snow.

City break in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Ice skating in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Ice skating in Amsterdam [Image by jrnbrgmn from Pixabay]
At the end of the holidays, Amsterdam tends to become quieter as visitor numbers drop, which can make a visit even more enjoyable. Strolling the streets and along the canals with touches of snow makes them more beautiful. Meanwhile, when your feet start feeling the cold, this is the perfect time to tour the art galleries and museums. Alternatively, head to the nearest restaurant for that hearty Dutch cuisine, whether a full meal or a delicious broodje (sandwich) or sweet pancake. Alternatively, put your skates on and take advantage of a frozen canal!

Visit Vienna, Austria

Vienna, Austria in winter
Fairy tale scenes in Vienna in winter [Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay]
The capital of Austria, Vienna is definitely among the most beautiful European cities, whatever the season. However, when the city has a layer of snow, it sparkles – yes, it’s cold, but while touring, top up on delicious hot chocolate and sachertorte to keep you going. One fascinating aspect of the city is that people can wrap up really warm and enjoy free outdoor simulcasts of the opera. Meanwhile, St. Charles Church and the Schönbrunn Palace are so much more Instagrammable in the chilly weather.

City break in Venice, Italy

Venice lagoon in winter
Venice Lagoon in winter mist [Image by Zauberberg from Pixabay]
There has been much talk recently of overtourism in Venice and it is easy to see why. In peak season, it’s hard to move with so many tour groups going around. Meanwhile, this makes the city perfect to visit in winter without the crowds. The streets are quiet, and the canals are shrouded in mist, making Venice a mysterious and beautiful place to explore. Imagine visiting the St. Mark’s Basilica without the hordes, before heading back to your discounted hotel for a delicious hot meal.

Copenhagen, Denmark in winter

Copenhagen, Denmark for a winter city break
Copenhagen in winter [Image by Kristoffer Trolle on Wikimedia Commons]
Visiting Copenhagen in winter is a great idea. The city is the birthplace of “hygge” (coziness) during the winter months and is much more inviting. Enjoy visiting the pastry shops, or dining in the Michelin-starred restaurants, then bundle up and explore the Tivoli Gardens and enjoy the canal views, with the snow enhancing the buildings in Nyhavn, before heading back to your warm and cozy hotel.


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