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Dreaming Of A White Christmas? These Top US Destinations Will Likely Have One

White Christmas in the US
Dreaming of a white Christmas in the US [Image by 822640 from Pixabay]
Many of us dream of having a white Christmas, with the snow setting off the twinkling decorations of the season. In fact, according to the rental car company SIXT, there has recently been a 224 percent increase in Google searches for “white Christmas.” SIXT’s research has revealed US locations that could have a good chance of snow these holidays. Naturally, Fairbanks, Alaska has a 100 percent chance of snow for the festive season, but read on to find out other US destinations that offer an excellent chance of snow.

Where can you have a white Christmas in the US?

While Fairbanks in Alaska has a 100 percent chance of a white Christmas, Duluth, Minnesota isn’t far behind with a 92.2 percent chance. Meanwhile, Bozeman, Montana has a 91.1 percent likelihood of a snowy holiday.

According to Time Out, other locations across the US that could turn into a wintry wonderland include the following:

  • Marquette, Michigan (88.2 percent)
  • Caribou, Maine (87.2 percent)
  • Idaho Falls, Idaho (80.1 percent)
  • Fargo, North Dakota (77.6 percent)
  • Eau Claire, Wisconsin (72.3 percent)
  • Burlington, Vermont (62.3 percent).

Next in line is Montrose, Colorado, but that location only has a 45 percent chance of a snowy Christmas.

How did SIXT work out the percentages?

Christmas fireplace
Christmas fireplace [Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay]
Apparently, SIXT analyzed National Oceanic and Atmospheric data on US climate normals to get their findings. Moreover, the company added that their research has revealed a 224 percent increase in Google searches for “white Christmas” throughout the US over the last month.

Kelly Johnson, SVP of Marketing in North America made a statement about their findings:

Whether you’re curling up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate, sledding or building a snowman outdoors, a white Christmas adds a special touch for those visiting a new destination.

Being able to wake up to a snowy landscape on December 25 and enjoy the cozy rituals of the holiday season [is the best].

Top 3 destinations likely to have snow this Christmas

Visiting Fairbanks, Alaska for a white Christmas

100 percent chance of a white Christmas in Fairbanks, Alaska
Scenery near Fairbanks, Alaska [Image by Wil Lawson from Pixabay]
While Fairbanks was originally a gold rush town, it is now known as the “Golden Heart of Alaska,” where the locals are friendly and inviting. While in the town, travelers can explore the ice museum and art galleries, there is also a chance of skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, ice fishing and more. Moreover, the town is a year-round destination but is especially magical at Christmas. As a bonus, there is also the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights coloring up the sky.

Spend the holidays in Duluth, Minnesota

Snow and ice in Duluth, Minnesota
Snow and ice near Duluth, Minnesota [Image by dawnmvd from Pixabay]
While Fairbanks comes tops in the list of places likely to have a white Christmas, Duluth, Minnesota has a 92.2 percent chance. Meanwhile, the port city nestles on Lake Superior, with a waterfront Lakewalk heading along to Canal Park. Along the way, visitors can enjoy views of the 1905 Aerial Lift Bridge that connects Duluth to the Park Point sandbar. If it doesn’t snow, visitors can enjoy the Great Lakes Aquarium, housed in a former train depot. Moreover, the Lake Superior Railroad Museum houses vintage locomotives.

Bozeman, Montana at Christmas

White Christmas in Bozeman, Montana
White Christmas in Bozeman, Montana, USA [Image by Cat Wendt on Flickr]
As Bozeman, Montana boasts a 91.1 percent of a white Christmas, these are good odds for a snowy holiday. Located in the southern part of the state, the city is backed by the Rocky Mountains, sure to boast snow in the winter. In the town itself, the Museum of the Rockies at Montana State University is a fascinating visit. For the family, the museum also hosts the Siebel Dinosaur Complex, with a collection of T-Rex specimens and a planetarium. Moreover, to the north of the city the Bridger Range offers trails for skiing, biking and hiking.

We wish you a snowy white Christmas in 2023 and happy travels in 2024!


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