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Vueling: Pet-Friendly Spanish Airline Offers Mid-Flight Dog Treats

Vueling, a budget-friendly Spanish airline, offers dog treats on its inflight menu
Vueling, a budget-friendly Spanish airline, offers dog treats on its inflight menu [Image by Cor Gaasbeek from Pixabay]
A pet-friendly, Spanish airline has announced a special treat for their dog passengers, by introducing a new dog treat menu, served mid-flight. Meanwhile, Vueling not only welcomes dogs, but cats, birds and turtles are welcome to fly, but without the dietary treat. Cats might feel a little miffed, but maybe the budget airline will make a plan for them in the future. Read on to find out more about the airline and what it has to offer human and pet passengers.

Spanish airline Vueling offers dog treats to canine passengers

Many dog owners take their pets with them when they travel and in the past, it hasn’t been totally comfortable for them. However, in a first for a European airline, the low-cost Spanish airline Vueling is planning to treat passengers’ pets to an enjoyable flight.

Spanish pet-friendly airline Vueling
Vueling, a budget-friendly Spanish airline, offers dog treats on its inflight menu [Image @vueling on Instagram]
Based in Barcelona, Vueling recently revealed their pet-friendly options, while also announcing a revised menu for humans with special dietary needs. As reported by 20 Minutos, the innovative airline has introduced dog food to its in-flight menu, ensuring that those traveling with pets have an enjoyable journey.

Budget airline unveils new in-flight menu for dogs and humans

Starting with the 2023-2024 winter season, Vueling’s team, in collaboration with Newrest Travel Retail, has revamped its in-flight menu. In a move symbolizing the airline’s commitment to accommodating pet owners, dog snacks have been added to the menu. The pet-friendly choice comes from the brand Edgard & Cooper and is sure to go down a treat with canine flyers.

However, human passengers haven’t been left behind, as the new menu also offers an array of menu items for dietary-restricted and health-conscious passengers. Among the options is a tasty Heura plant-based burger with cheese for vegetarians. This delicious option comes with other existing choices like a Spanish omelet and couscous with vegetables.

Meanwhile, celiacs can choose from a variety of tasty options. These include a double chocolate muffin, kale chips with tomato and oregano, or a puff pastry palm tree. Equally important, Vueling has also incorporated Robin Good snacks, handcrafted by individuals at risk of social exclusion. Each snack is crafted from healthy ingredients and 100 percent plastic-free packaging.

Guidelines for pet travel on Vueling

Vueling, Spain
Vueling airline, Spain [Image @vueling on Facebook]
Passengers flying with Vueling can bring dogs, cats, birds (except birds of prey) and turtles. However, some pets are not permitted, including rodents, rabbits, ferrets, reptiles, farm animals, and fish.

Moreover, pets must be carried in an approved, non-rigid carrier measuring a maximum 45x39x21 cm (17x15x8 in). It must weigh a maximum of 8 kg (17 lb) including the pet. Meanwhile, dogs or cats can share a carrier if of the same species. that is, as long as it doesn’t exceed size and weight limits.

Please note, this service is currently unavailable for flights to and from the UK. However, it is available for domestic flights at €50 ($54) per carrier and international flights and those to and from the Canary Islands at €60 ($65) per carrier.


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