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Take The Kids On A Fun Family Vacation In London, England

Fun attractions for the kids on a family vacation in London, England, UK
Fun for the kids on a family vacation in London [Image by Philipp Reiner from Pixabay]
The city of London offers many iconic sights, such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. However, these locations aren’t particularly fun for the kids to visit. It turns out England’s capital has many great attractions for the whole family to enjoy on a UK vacation. Here, we briefly explore some of the city’s fabulous play areas, as well as a fun place to eat with an African safari theme.

Climbers and Creepers at Kew Gardens, London

Climbers and Creepers, Kew Gardens, London
Climbers and Creepers, Kew Gardens [Image by Kew/Flickr]
Kew Gardens is a beautiful place to visit in London, but it goes so much further than plain old garden beds. Climbers and Creepers is a unique indoor play area, located in a former greenhouse. Here, in the first interactive botanical play zone, kids can learn about plant life, while having fun. The children can also play at being insects, climbing through the plants and sliding through tunnels made from greenery.

Peter Pan Statue, Kensington Gardens

Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens
Peter Pan statue in Kensington Gardens [Image Wikimedia Gardens]
This next attraction is set in another park in London – Kensington Gardens. Children who have been introduced to Peter Pan and his many friends will truly love this charming bronze statue of Peter Pan himself. In the original story, Peter Pan was discovered on this exact spot in Kensington Gardens as a seven-month-old infant with magical powers. As the book’s author J.M. Barrie lived close to the gardens, he couldn’t resist using them in his story. Meanwhile, Barrie also commissioned the Peter Pan statue, which was designed by Sir George Frampton.

KidZania – Indoor city run by kids

Kidzania, London
Kidzania, London [Image @kidzanialondon/Instagram]
This next attraction is also not just fun, but also educational and is aimed at kids aged from 4-14. KidZania is an indoor city that blends entertainment with learning. KidZania offers real-life activities in which kids can try out their skills in various professions. Meanwhile, Kidzania also offers Feel Good Family Sundays, where parents can also try out various professions along with their kids. Imagine presenting a show at Heart Radio Station, delivering the mail in Kidzania, or learning to cook along with the family.

Mudchute Park & Farm, Cubitt Town, Isle of Dogs, London

Mudchute Farm, London
Mudchute Farm in the heart of the city [Image @mudchute_farm/Instagram]
You and the family might be in the big, sprawling city of London, but that doesn’t stop you from having all the fun of a farm. Mudchute Farm hosts more than 100 animals and fowl for the kids to visit, along with stables and a working farm. Besides having an education, the whole family can enjoy a picnic, gazing at panoramic views of the city.

Giraffe World Kitchen, 120 Wilton Road, Victoria

Giraffe World Kitchen
Giraffe World Kitchen [Image @giraffesnaps/Instagram]
After enjoying the many attractions of London, the whole family is likely to have a healthy appetite. Besides delicious food, the kids experience a fun place, enjoying a meal in safari-like surroundings. It turns out Giraffe World Kitchen has several branches, but this particular one is steps away from Victoria Station and London’s theaters. As for the children’s menu, the kids can choose from a number of breakfast and lunch dishes. Among the choices are Flipping Amazing Pancakes, burgers, chicken wraps, wedges and more.

Take the whole family to London on your next UK vacation, exploring the “usual” sights and these special locations for the kids.


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