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Universal Studios Hollywood Shares Details Of ‘Fast and Furious’ Roller Coaster

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood release details of Fast and Furious Roller Coaster [Image by masbebet christianto from Pixabay]
Fans of the Fast and Furious movies have something to truly look forward to. Universal Studios Hollywood has revealed new details for its Fast and Furious-themed roller-coaster. According to theme park bosses, the new roller coaster might be fast and it might be furious, but it won’t be too noisy for neighbors of the theme park. Read on to find out what you can expect from this new, upcoming attraction.

Fast and Furious Roller Coaster

To get an idea of the roller coaster, the ride will feature vehicles that can rotate 360 degrees to be programmed away from population centers at key scream moments. Meanwhile, the roller coaster includes two trains, moving on the track and each carrying 16 riders will run simultaneously.

Universal Studios Hollywood announces details of Fast and Furious Roller Coaster
Universal Studios Hollywood [Image by 12019 from Pixabay]
Moreover, the roller coaster will feature a sound wall longer than two football fields, built with Acoustiblok material to absorb the noise. It will also feature two half-pipe shields to encase the sound at its source. As for the track itself, it will be filled with pea gravel, which will reportedly help keep the sound down.

As for the ride’s location, the Fast and Furious Roller Coaster will be located in the middle of the theme park. In fact, the entrance to the ride will be on the upper deck, across from the Universal Plaza. The east side straddles the Starway over to Jurassic World on the west side.

As for ride hours, the roller coaster will line up with normal park hours including peak season and special events. In the meantime, Universal has also assured local residents that it will limit construction hours on the new ride. Crews will work Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, and 8 am to 6 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Second outdoor roller coaster

Flight of the Hippogriff Roller Coaster, Universal Studios Hollywood
Hippogriff Roller Coaster, Universal Studios Hollywood [Image by Jeremy Thompson/Flickr]
The Fast and Furious Roller Coaster will be the second outdoor ride at Universal Studios Hollywood with the Flight of the Hippogriff™ ride within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. While the new ride was officially announced in July, there is no news as yet on when the roller coaster will open.

In other recent news, Super Nintendo World™ is now open is now open for business. Here guests enter the giant green pipe into Mushroom Kingdom. Moreover, they will experience the highly immersive, interactive land. Along the way they can become an integral part of Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach’s fun universe. The interactive Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge ride fuses augmented reality with projection mapping technology with actual set pieces on a moving ride track. This is the first of its kind to debut in the United States.

Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World [Image by Jeremy Thompson/Flickr]
As fans no doubt know, it’s getting closer to the holidays. According to Universal Studios Hollywood, their holiday programming is set to start on November 24. Hopefully, fans will be able to experience the new Fast and Furious Roller Coaster soon.

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