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Europe Travel Just Got Easier With One-Click Train Bookings

Rail Europe combines train bookings into one click
Rail Europe combines train bookings into one click [Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay]
International travelers planning a vacation in Europe can enjoy an excellent journey with one-click train bookings. Rail Europe is a multi-provider solution at the heart of user-friendly travel technology. Meanwhile, the rail travel company offers a catalog of more than 200 rail products, making eco-friendly travel more accessible.

Rail Europe saves travelers’ time for train bookings

Recently, rail travel has become hugely popular again as travelers try to reduce their carbon footprint. Whether choosing high-speed trains to zoom through Spain or choosing sleeper trains for a comfortable, slow travel option, trains are a great choice.

Trenitalia [Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay]
Rail Europe has a new feature to make train bookings more accessible for every traveler. Instead of searching for each part of the journey, its new Multi-Provider function now eliminates the hassle of bookings. The user-friendly platform makes eco-friendly rail travel a convenient way to get around. It saves every traveler time and hassle for booking each step of their journey. Meanwhile, the new feature is available on all B2B Rail Europe channels – RailPortal, RailFlash and RailAPI.

Many international travelers are planning train bookings, and buying their tickets from multiple providers, but the new feature makes things so much easier. With the Multi-Providers feature, travelers can easily add multiple legs to a journey with just one click for a streamlined, efficient booking.

Example of a train journey in Europe

Train journeys with OBB Nightjet
Train journeys with OBB Nightjet [Image by Florian Kropshofer from Pixabay]
To get an idea of the Multi-Providers feature, if a tourist wishes to travel between Milan, Italy’s fashion capital, to Nice on the French Riviera, a key switch from Italy’s Trenitalia to France’s SNCF network in the seaside town of Ventimiglia is required. However, using Rail Europe’s new Multi-Provider feature easily combines the details of this journey in one booking.

Meanwhile, the new feature is also worthy for travel between Feldkrich and Paris – traveling with ÖBB and Lyriam – and London St. Pancras and Berlin – via Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn, and many more train bookings. Using Rail Europe, travelers can search, book and manage multi-destination travel at the same time.

Rail Europe’s Multi-Providers feature for travel advisors

SNCF train [Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay]
Moreover, Rail Europe’s also makes the booking process easier for travel advisors. Travel Advisors are invited to reconnect with Rail Europe to explore all the new features on its website. Moreover, travel advisors can gain new knowledge of train bookings in Europe, via Rail Europe’s e-learning program.

Through the new program, while making the booking process easier, Rail Europe also aims to attract more travelers to choose rail travel over air travel. By doing so, all travelers can reduce their carbon footprint while choosing a comfortable form of travel.

Readers can find out more information on Rail Europe’s website here to plan a rail journey through Europe easily and conveniently.



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