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Best Ways To Explore Italy Without Getting Behind The Wheel

Alternative ways to explore beautiful Italy on a European vacation
Explore Italy [Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay]
Italy is a gorgeous country, full of fascinating, historic cities to explore and varied landscapes, all hemmed by excellent beaches and islands. Whether heading to Rome with its iconic Roman ruins, Venice for the Carnival, or the beautiful island of Sicily, this European country is a wonder to explore. Renting a car keeps you independent, but do you really want to spend so much time behind the wheel, missing the passing parade as you tour Italy? Why not choose one of these three modes of travel to not only let you relax but to allow you to watch the passing countryside along the way?

Explore Italy by rail

As more countries try to reduce their carbon footprint, many European countries are urging travelers to travel by rail, rather than by air. This has resulted in many new sleeper train routes, or high-speed trains to get travelers from A to B. Meanwhile, Italy has an extensive rail network, including regional services and fast inter-city trains.

Explore Italy by train
[Image @trenitaliaregionale/Instagram]
Exploring Italy by train is a great way to watch the country’s scenery go by while relaxing on the way. For instance, catch a Trenitalia train in Rome to take you to Cinque Terre, Pompeii, Florence or Naples in sheer comfort. Head to Venice by train to explore its beauty, before hopping back on board to visit the fashion capital of Italy, Milan. Visit Italia Rail’s website to find out all they have to offer.

Tour the country by boat

Boat cruise in Venice, Italy
Boat cruise in Venice [Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay]
Many iconic destinations in Italy are accessible with river cruises and canal boat rentals, which make a relaxing alternative to handling the Italian traffic. One example could be taking a boating vacation in the country, starting at Chioggia on the southern edge of the Venice Lagoon. Here, several rivers and canals give many opportunities to explore Italy on the water in a barge cruise boat.

Heading out in a westerly direction, travel the Tartaro-Canalbianco di Levante River through the Vento countryside, making a stop in Adria to explore. After a day of fun, climb back onboard the barge to relax and watch the gorgeous scenery floating on by.

Po Delta, Italy
Po Delta [Image by chatst2 from Pixabay]
Another option is to take a self-drive boat cruise through the Po Delta while passing salt marshes and forests. Here, birders can relax and spot the migratory birds as they go. Alternatively, enjoy a boat cruise along the Italian coast, stopping off at some of the ports and islands along the way.

Explore Italy on a luxury coach

Explore Italy by coach
Coach and bus tours of Italy [Image by Konrad Krajewski from Pixabay]
Another relaxing alternative is to book luxury coach tours through Italy. For example, start your journey in the capital city of Rome, heading out to Tuscany, Venice, Cinque Terre and more. While you relax in your comfortable seat, knowledgeable guides keep you up to date with the passing scenery. When the coach makes a stop, your guide will help you to explore the various attractions before you dine on the best Italian cuisine and spend the night in a hotel.

Explore Cinque Terre
Explore Cinque Terre [Image by Udo from Pixabay]
One great example is to take a coach tour to the Amalfi Coast. While there, explore Sorrento, Naples, the ancient city of Herculaneum and more, before spending a comfortable night on the Isle of Capri. Visit Tour Radar for a selection of bus and coach tours in Italy.

Make a difference to your vacation tour of Italy and other European destinations by trying out the efficient rail service, boat cruises, and coach tours around the country.


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