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New Luxury Cruise Options For Female Solo Travelers 55 And Up

New company offers luxury cruise options for female solo travelers
New company offers luxury cruise options for female solo travelers [Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay]
Travel has started heading in many directions, including the number of solo travelers. Among these is a new trend for female solo travelers aged 55 and up. However, traveling solo can have its problems, especially on a cruise as many are charged extra for a cabin with “single supplement” charges. Admittedly, some cruise lines now offer deals for solo cruisers, but it isn’t the norm. However, when it comes to female travelers, cost isn’t the only issue as safety is another. Fortunately, a new luxury cruise company is going a long way toward resolving these problems.

Luxury cruise options for female solo travelers

A travel social network, cleverly dubbed A Small World, has now announced The Solo Cruise Company. Moreover, the company works exclusively to offer itineraries for solo female travelers aged 55 and up.

According to an article by TTG Luxury, the tours offered by the company make it easier for women to visit places that might otherwise be “remote or seemingly challenging.”

Female solo travelers
Solo traveler [Image by Enrique from Pixabay]
Meanwhile, founded by Grant Holmes and Michael Cooper, the Solo Cruise Company describes cruises on its website as “the epitome of luxury cruise expeditions designed exclusively for solo travelers.” Moreover, female cruisers will be able to “take advantage of the fully hosted featured expeditions to share a truly unforgettable experience with like-minded solo travelers.” Each cruise will also feature professional hosts who bring a wealth of knowledge and will be part of the journey all the way.

What itineraries does The Solo Cruise Company offer?

Atlas Ocean Voyages
[Image Atlas Ocean Voyages on Facebook]
Among the destinations offered on the itinerary are locations like Africa, the Amazon, Antarctica, the Mekong in Vietnam and the Indian Ocean. Moreover, the itineraries promise exclusive shore excursions, a private car and a driver on select cruises.

Speaking to TTG Luxury, Holmes explained that the idea for the company came from what he believed was a “gap in the market for luxury cruises catering specifically to solo female travelers, who often have different concerns to males traveling solo. Holmes added:

My partner Michael [both in life and in The Solo Cruise Company] and I have heard many stories from mature solo female travelers about the loss of a spouse or partner or the impact of retirement from a career they loved where they felt their traveling days had come to end.

Some of those stories are very sad and some were incredibly uplifting, but the joy and opportunity we know we have now is to create incredible itineraries and experiences that solo female travelers find exciting, fun and fulfilling.

Catering for female solo travelers

Cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages to Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
[Image Atlas Ocean Voyages on Facebook]
The itineraries offered by The Solo Cruise Company allow for between 15 and 20 women. Moreover, they will feature a knowledgeable guide and accommodations at some of the best hotels in the world. Meanwhile, the company has thought of everything, as the timing of transfers is another priority, and they will not include any evening transfers. Holmes explained to TTG Luxury:

We are especially careful about the types and timings of transfers to airports.

Among other details of the cruises, wherever possible, they will use female drivers and will offer VIP arrival and departure services where possible at airports.

According to the website, the company partners with renowned cruise lines including Aqua Expeditions, Atlas Ocean Voyages, Crystal Cruises, Explora Journeys, Oceania Cruises, Ponant, Regent Seven Seas Cruises, Seabourn, Scenic and Silversea Cruises. Visit the company’s website for more information including itineraries.




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