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UNWTO Reveals Top Trending Countries In Africa To Visit In 2024

UNWTO reveals top trending travel locations in Africa
UNWTO reveals top trending locations for travelers in Africa [Image by Manuela Milani from Pixabay]
According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), travelers’ interest in Africa has soared. In fact, it reports that international traveler arrivals in Africa have surged to 84 percent of pre-pandemic levels. Meanwhile, the continent has plenty to offer besides magnificent safaris in many of its countries. Read on to find out why Africa’s popularity is soaring and why you should visit these popular countries next year.

Africa soars in popularity says UNWTO

Looking at the landscapes of Africa, its wildlife, rich culture and outdoor adventures it is easy to understand why its popularity is soaring for international travelers. The following are the top 5 trending African countries to visit in 2024 according to trends listed by UNWTO.

1. Try Tanzania for wildlife and beaches

UNWTO recommends Tanzania
UNWTO recommends Tanzania [Image by VASUKI BELAVADI from Pixabay]
Many believe Kenya is the best safari destination, but that is because they have yet to try Tanzania. This country features some of the most famous national parks, including the Selous Game Reserve – the largest in the world. It is said that Tanzania is home to some 120,000 elephants, 2,000 rhinos and 160,000 buffaloes. In fact, it is the safest bet for those who want to see the iconic Big Five of African species.

Beach in Zanzibar
Beach in Zanzibar [Image by klimentgrozdanoski from Pixabay]
However, a safari isn’t the only attraction for travelers as it is an ideal adventure destination, with Lake Tanganyika and Mount Kilimanjaro offering many adventures. Meanwhile, for beach lovers, the island of Zanzibar stands off the coast of Tanzania, offering idyllic beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters for snorkeling or scuba diving.

2. Meet the gorillas of Rwanda in Africa

Visit the gorillas of Rwanda
Visit the gorillas of Rwanda [Image by deinarson from Pixabay]
While Rwanda has a troubled past, these days the African country is a beautiful, welcoming destination. Nature lovers will be thrilled to meet the mountain gorilla population here, said to be one-third of the world’s population. The country is also dubbed the land of a thousand hills, which makes the country perfect for walking and hiking. Meanwhile, visitors can trek through the lush rainforest up to the summit of volcanic peaks.

Kigali, Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda [Image by Andreas from Pixabay]
For those seeking culture and people, Rwanda’s capital, Kigali, is definitely worth a visit. With its warm and friendly people, this modern and vibrant city is one of the friendliest cities in Africa. Here, you can learn about the Rwandan culture, visit the Inema Art Center or Niyo Art Gallery, or head to Kandt House, Rwanda’s Natural History Museum.

3. Head to unique Ethiopia in Africa

Wildlife in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia
Wildlife in the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia [Image by Greg Gulik from Pixabay]
In past years, Ethiopia was known as a poor country, with starving children revealed on our TV. However, according to UNWTO, Ethiopia has come a long way as a place of culture. It is full of many fascinating sites of cultural and historical importance. However, it is also known for its beautiful and diverse landscapes. Among them are the famous Blue Nile Falls and the rugged and striking Simien Mountains.

Culture of Ethiopia
Culture of Ethiopia [Image by Peter Wieser from Pixabay]
Moreover, many travelers visiting Ethiopia these days are nature lovers, attracted by the country’s biodiversity. However, travelers should be aware that, under a level 3 alert, the US State Department currently advises citizens to reconsider heading to Ethiopia. This is due to the risk of conflict, sporadic violence and civil unrest.

4. Varying landscapes of Namibia

Namibian desert
Namibian desert [Image by Nici Keil from Pixabay]
Talking of diverse landscapes, Namibia has all this and more for visitors to explore. First, there are the stark and beautiful sandy plains of the Namib Desert – considered the oldest desert in the world. After crossing this desert, head into the traditional African savannah with its wildlife. Meanwhile, Namibia’s coastline is a worthy visit and is known as the Skeleton Coast, due to the many whale skeletons and wrecked ships that can be seen on the shore.

Namibia wildlife
Namibia wildlife [Image by Dariusz Labuda from Pixabay]
For those seeking culture, Namibia is a relatively young country and has not been overdeveloped. Here, visitors can see the locals living their traditional way of life. Meanwhile, the country hosts six different indigenous groups, which makes exploring the local African tribal cultures truly fascinating. Tours are available to take tourists to meet them and it will be seen that each tribe has its own languages, traditions and lifestyles.

5. Spot the birds and wild chimpanzees of Uganda, Africa

Sleepy lion in Uganda
Sleepy lion in Uganda [Image by Graham Hobster from Pixabay]
Generally speaking, Uganda features friendly people and a vibrant culture, but much like most African countries, people visit to see the landscapes and wildlife. Bird-watching enthusiasts will find that Uganda is the top destination for bird spotters in Africa. Moreover, this is a fascinating location to enjoy wild chimpanzee trekking, and meeting the primates face to furry face.

Rainforest in Uganda
Rainforest in Uganda [Image by Reinout Dujardin from Pixabay]
Also, as it hosts the largest freshwater lake in Africa, Uganda also offers some great aquatic adventures. In fact, not only does the country have the largest freshwater lake, it has a number of firsts. These include the longest river in Africa, the largest number of primates and the strongest waterfall.

Choose one of these UNWTO-recommended locations on your next visit to Africa and have the adventure or vacation of a lifetime.


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